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Among the methods of control: * Fear and intimidation. * Isolation. * Mental manipulation, degradation and ridicule. * Giving the slaves a pseudo-sense of security and protection.

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Q: How are slaves controlled by their masters?
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Who controlled the slaves during the American Revolution?

Masters controlled the slaves during the American Revolution. Mostly the war was fought in the north then in the south. So the war didn't effect their living really.

What 3 choice slave has to face?

Slaves have no choices. That is why it is called slavery. They have no say as to what they do, when they do it, or how it is done. They are completely controlled by their masters.

Why were masters not kind to their slaves?

Well, the slave masters were not always mean to their slaves. Some slave masters helped the slaves with their education which I think is pretty nice.

How many slaves deserted their masters during the war?

very few slaves left there masters

Who controlled the gladiators?

Gladiators for pratical purposes were slaves. They were conquered people who were bought and sold for the sole purpose of the games. Therefore, they had masters and owners.

Were African people helpless to stop the transatlantic slave trade?

yes, their masters controlled everything.if the slaves tried they would get whip or punished

Why were slaves uneducated?

Slaves were uneducated by their masters because their masters feared that they would revolt or find a way to get out of there.

Were the masters kind to the slaves?

no they arent kind to slaves

How were the slaves humiliated?

Because, they were property to their slave masters, and the slave masters could do anything that they wanted to the slaves in order for the slaves to keep their lives.

How did slaves remain loyal to their master?

slaves have to remain loyal to their masters or else they get beaten and whipped. most masters whip their slaves if they don't do what they are asked to. slaves have to be careful and do as they are asked.

What did James Henley Thornwell believed that would happen to slaves when slaves obey their masters?

Thornwell believed slaves became free when they obeyed their masters.

How did turkish children move from slaves to masters?

Turks where never slaves.

Why did slave masters want to kill slaves?

Because of fear they had for the slaves.

Wrote Cannibals All or Slaves Without Masters?

Cannibals All! or, Slaves Without Masters was written by George Fitzhugh in 1857

What did James Henley Thornwell believe happened to slaves when they obeyed their masters?

Thornwell believed slaves became free when they obeyed their masters.

How were slaves controlled on plantations?

Slaves never existed.

Why don't slaves rebel?

Slaves typically do not rebel because their masters have access to weapons and the slaves do not.

What did all slaves have in common?

All slaves served their masters for their masters' or their life. Different cultural angles such as America ,gave the owner freedom to release slaves whenever wanted.

What were slaves doing when they obeyed their masters according to James Henley?

Generally speaking, when slaves obey their masters it is to avoid being beaten or killed. Disobedient slaves are severely punished.

What did slaves do for their masters?

Slaves did anything their masters wanted them to do from giving them a foot rub to going to plow the fields. Anything the slave master wanted.

Slave masters did not allow slaves to play traditional African music because?

slave masters wanted to erase the slaves' cultural identity.

How were slaves treated in southern colonies?

It depends on their masters. The majority of slave masters were cruel and harsh. They didn't at all consider how the slaves felt, after all they were slaves. But there was a rare case where the masters were kind. Some would even teach the young slaves how to read and write. It was very rare though.

What are runaway slaves?

They are slaves that ran away from their masters back in the olden days.

How long did slaves have to be slaves?

All their lives unless their masters chose to free them.

Who did slaves rely on?

Themselves and other slaves, and by and large their masters for daily needs.