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How are smell and taste related to each other?

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The reason smell and tast are related is that some foods such as chocolate, odors travel up the nasal passage in the back of your throat. The olfactory cells are stimulated, and the tast and smell of chocolate are sensed. So when you have a snuffy nose and some foods seem tasteless, it may be because the food's molecules are blocked from contacting the olfactory cells in your nasal passages

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How do you think the senses of taste and smell affect each other?

The sense of taste and smell affect each other because they are in way connected. That's why when you use nasal spray, sometimes you can taste the medicine, or even when you sneeze and milk comes out of your nose, the sense of taste and smell go hand in hand. But if you were to lose one of the two senses I think the one that you are left with will become stronger, kind of like making up for the other sense.

How do you compare things?

put them near each other and see if they taste smell feel or look the same or not

How are taste and smell sensations similar?

They are similar to each other because when u smell something a trigger in your brain tells you that you know or have an assumption of what the food is going to taste like and it is often correct the food will taste like what it smelt like.

Compare and contrast the sense of taste and smell?

Taste is using your tongue. Smell is using your nose. You will get different responses to each. They are alike however because they are both senses.

Do fresh coconuts have a soapy taste and smell?

It varies depending on the person and the coconut. Every coconut is different and each person has a different sense of taste and smell, it's just how you perceive it.

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Yes, the yellow taste terrible, but the other colors taste great!

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is magic and superstition related to each other?

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How is taste and smell closely linked?

Taste and smell are two of our senses that are very much integrated with each other. As a matter of fact, these two senses share afferent pathways to the brain and therefore are influenced by the same stimuli. Both taste buds and olfactory bulbs are in a group of receptors known as chemoreceptors (they respond to chemical stimuli). In the case of smell, it's the aromatic gases released by substances that trigger a response. In the case of taste, it is the mixing of flavor chemicals with saliva in the mouth that triggers a response.

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Each acid has its own characteristic smell. For example, Acetic Acid smells like vinegar. It is hard to generalise like that. Maybe the name of the acid would help. There are other more reliable features for identifying acids, such as, pH and taste etc.

Why is wine smelled?

Eighty percent of our taste is by what we smell through our nose. Thus, getting a major aroma by smelling allows one to focus on that part of the wine. I always swirl and smell 2 or 3 times. No more than 5 seconds each. The final time, I swirl and smell, and a couple of seconds later, taste.

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A bee's antennae are covered with sense organs and they are sensitive to touch, taste, smell, CO2 concentration, relative humidity, temperature, stress/strain, and vibration. Their sense of smell is very many times more sensitive than ours.When bees come into contact with each other they will touch each other with their antennae, by doing this they will pick up each other's scent, but the purpose of this is not fully known.

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