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they are both made of particles

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What are solids gasses and liquids made up of?

Answer: solids, liquids and gasses are made of atoms.

What can liquids and gasses do that solids cant?

Liquids and gases flow whereas solids don't.

How are solids liquids and gasses different?

because solids have shapes To improve upon the above answer. Solids have a definite shape and size, whereas liquids and gasses do not. Liquids have definite volume, but do not have a definite shape, and gasses have no definite shape or volume.

Is molecule movement greater in liquids or gases?

molecules move more in gasses gasses>liquids>solids

What do solids liquids and gases depend on?

solids, liquids, and gasses, all depend on how many atoms are in that element.

Are gasses matter?

Yes. The three types of matter are solids, liquids, and gasses.

What has fixed volume?

All solids and liquids but not gasses.

What are the physical forms of chemicals?

They can be solids, liquids, or gasses.

Why are there laws only for gases and not for solids or liquids?

There are laws for solids and liquids, too. For instance solids have a coeffient of linear expansion and liquids (and gasses) have a viscosity. Many others.

How are liquids and solids alike?

The atoms or molecules in both liquids and solids stay relatively close together.

Can solids liquds and gases change there shape?

Liquids yes, gasses yes, solids no

It what three forms can matter exist?

solids , gasses , and liquids.

In what ways are liquids and gases alike?

Liquids and Gases are both matter, and are not solids.

How are solids and gases alike?

They both can be turned into liquids

Who invented gasses?

Nobody invented gasses. Gasses are one of the four naturally occurring states of matter: * Gasses * Liquids * Solids * Plasmas

Are solids liquids and gases types of atoms?

Solids, liquids and gasses are three of the possible states of matter. All matter is made of atoms.

What does P waves travel through?

Gasses, solids and liquids :P

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