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How are some plants salt tolerant?


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It is possible for plants to be more adapted to living near salt water. Many beach grasses, along with mangrove trees, kind of "sweat" the salt out of their systems. the next time oyu go to the beach, rub some dune grass. does any white powder come up on your finers? this is salt. Im not sure of the actual systems the plants use to get rid of the salts, though.


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some can, some can't. depends on how salt tolerant the plant is.

A Sago Palm is salt tolerant. Some other salt tolerant palms include cabbage palm, Canary Island palm, and the Chinese fan palm.

Salt Tolerant Species or Saline Resistant Plant Species

Small amounts of salt are okay for some house plants. For instance, there are salts added into fertilizers and such. Overall though, it is not so good for them in large quantity. It will kill most plants if they are exposed too often. Many plants die quickly on beach front properties. If you are in a marine environment, it would be worth your time to research what plants are salt tolerant.

Salt is good for some plants and bad for other plants.

The roots, the WHOLE roots and nothing BUT the roots- If near saltwater, salt-tolerant grasses and plants prevent (or delay) the effects of erosion. If in the desert, drought-tolerant grasses and plants delay and/or prevent the effects of erosion.

Yes, salt kills the grass in most yards. There are some salt-tolerant grasses but they are not common.

If you water a plants with salt water any moisture already in it will diffuse out and into the soil because the salt water has a high solute content and sucked all of the moisture out Most Plants humans will be associating with will be fresh water plants. Salt water plants have adaptions so that plasmolysis doesn't happen. Plasmolysis is where the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall, This is why fresh water plants are not salt tolerant.

Some plants, such as sea weed, can tolerate salt water. But some plants can not tolerate salt water. It varies depending upon the plant.

There are actually tons of drought tolerant plants - you just need to look harder.

More stress tolerant (like its wild counterparts / more than them): Stresses like Physiological Stress, Salt Stress, Water Stress etc.

Over time they have evolved to live in salty environments. The result is usually that they have developed mechanisms to prevent the high salt concentration from dehydrating them. The cell walls are made so that water can pass through but Salt is restricted. This process is called osmosis.

The primary photosynthetic organisms in the ocean are algae, not plants. However, one plant that does grow in the ocean is seagrass. Unlike most plants which would die even if there was a minuscule amount of salt in the soil, any plant that grows in the ocean has to be highly salt tolerant.

Some plants do benifit from salt in the water but you can experiment with distilled water for your plants.

Some plants that grow in estuaries are the following:SeagrassMangrovesSalt marsh plantsSalt meadowsCordgrass

what will be the objectives of ecological mapping of plants tolerant towards contaminated soils of agra.

Yes. Some plants can only live in salt water, like kelp. Others are adapted to estruaries and marshes where the water is somewhat salty, and others can tolerate some salt in the soil, while others can not tolerate any. If you water a non-tolerant plant with salt water you will stunt it's growth, or it might even kill it.

Some plants can't live in salt water such as marsh samphire, Neanthe Bella Neanthe Bella

if it is intolerant to salt it will quickly die. if it is salt tolerant it may survive, unless it remains submerged.

Most plants won't grow in soil has salt in it. Some plants will still grow, there are often the types of plants you see growing near the beach.

While there are some plants that can survive with a lot of salt around, such as mangrove trees, most plants are killed by too much salt and even if there was not enough to kill them, it would not benefit the plant.

neither salt water or salt water with fertilizer is better because salt just kills the plants. although some plants grow faster with salt because of their salinity.

In general, drought tolerant grasses are the most common plants in deserts.

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