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Through sexual intercourse where the male ejaculates inside her.

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Why does sperm enter the pelvic cavity of the female?

sperm enters the pelvic cavity of the female because the eggs of a female are located in the vagina, and the vagina is in the pelvic cavity, so for the sperm to interact with the eggs, the males pinus has to be inserted into the vagina. actually, the eggs are in the ovaries and uterine tube.

Does sperm enter the pelvic cavity if the female?

Yes it take about 30 mins to get there

Do any sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

Yes. The sperm can enter through the Peritoneal Cavity.

Do any sperm enter the pelvic cavity of the female why or why not?

Well this would depend upon whether or not the female was involved in sexual activities or not. If she was and the male ejaculate in/on her, then yes it is possible. If she was not involved in sexual activities then it is not likely that there would be sperm in her pelvic cavity.

Does any sperm enter the pelvic cavity of the female why?

Yes, it can. The reason is that the fimbriae (fingers) are not completely around the ovary. It is possible for sperm to come through them and into the pelvic cavity. If the egg is not "caught" by the fimbriae and carried down the tube, it can be fertilized in the pelvic cavity. An ectopic pregnancy can occur as a result. The embryo can not be nourished properly in that environment.

Do sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

Yes, that is where the woman's reproductive organs are.

Why can sperm enter the peritoneal cavity?

Because the female reproductive tract is continuous with the peritoneal cavity through the fallopian tubes, it is possible for sperm to enter the peritoneal cavity.

Does sperm enter the pelvic cavity of a female?

No. It only enters the vagina and uterus (or other places, but we are taking about vaginal intercourse I assume, so I'll leave it at that)

Do any sperm enter the pelvic of the female?

The ejaculate does not go into the pelvis from the vagina.

Why do sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

because sperm were designed to seek out unfertilized eggs, and they will search for eggs for as long as they are alive once ejaculated

What is the tube that is located in the spermatic cord and pelvic cavity that transport sperm?

Spermatic cord structures enter the pelvic cavity through passageways in the anterior abdominal wall known called inguinal canals.

Does sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

Yes some do, because the uterine tubes open into the downward continuation of the peritoneal cavity called the 'Pouch of Douglas', which extends between the uterus and the rectum into the pelvis.

If the sperm enter in to the female body through mouth will that female will become pregnant?

No, the sperm must enter via the vagina, either partially, or all the way inside.

Does sperm die when it's not in the vagina?

It does die but not immediately. It is possible that sperm deposited on the vagina can enter and impregnate the female.

What is the female egg cell function?

the sperm goes to it when having(after) sex(it takes time for the sperm to actually enter the egg.)

How does the male's sperm enter the female?

This happens when the man ejaculates inside the woman's virgina.

Definition of family life cycle?

a female and a male have sex the sperm cells of the male enter the female and her eggs meet with the sperm a baby forms for 9 months and it is borned out of the females vagina.

How does a female body tries to prevent sperm?

There are acids present in the vagina which kill the sperm when they enter. Not all sperm are killed but a large number are reduced to prevent them from potentially reaching the egg.

Does the shape of female pelvic bone structure has effect in the gender of the baby in pregnancy?

No the gender is determined the moment of conception - by an X or Y chromosome on the sperm cell.

How does sperm enter the female body?

Usually with the penetration of a penis stuck into the lady's vagina. Wow! sex

What female hole do you enter sperm in to have a baby?

The one up above the bum hole where your baby will come out

Where to sperm so you can get a girl pregnet?

They need to enter female reproductive system. So they needed to get in to vagina

Does a girl shoot out sperm?

A female does not have sperm. Sperm is found in males only. Sperm is used to get the female pregnant.

Is whale sperm used in makeup?

No. The product you are thinking of is "spermaceti," which is a fat stored in a cavity in a sperm whale's head. Apparently both male and female sperm whales produce this product. Since you can't fish for sperm whales anymore, they've found plant-based substitutes for it.

How long for female sperm to reach egg?

Only males have sperm. There is no such thing as female sperm.

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