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How are spores and seeds different from cones?


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Cones develop spores and ovules and fertilized ovules develop into seeds.

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Seeds do cme from these shitiful cones and sproes

spores A pine tree has seeds contained within its cones.

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

Yes, it does reproduce with spores, cones, and seeds, but it doesn't reproduce with flower.

because then the plants wouldn't grow

conifers produce seeds that are not enclosed; usually in cones

seeds spread all over so that the plant can grow. spores- # A dormant nonreproductive body formed by certain bacteria in response to adverse environmental conditions. # cones-not positive

Spores are not made by fertilization like seeds are. :p

they are different because seeds are reproductive unit of flowering and spores are the non-reproductive unit of flowering.

No. For instance when you eat a mushroom you eat some spores and when you eat bread this is made from seeds. However there are many different spores and seeds and not all are edible.

Gymnosperms do not produce spore, they produce pollen and seeds. The seeds and pollen are both produced in cones and the seed is "naked", it is not enclosed in an ovary.

spore is a game i dont think seeds are

Alike:They can grown into plants and can be different size and shpes. Different: A seed has many cells. A spores has one cell.

because some of the cones are male cones, and some of the cones are female cones. the male cones produce the pollen and sperm, and the female seeds contain the seeds.

Seeds are better then spores because they have a reproductive advantage over spores.

There would probably be less trees because there would be no spores or seeds to reproduce more of its kind.

Many non flowering plants reproduce by spores. Conifers make seeds in cones.

They reproduce by using spores instead of using seeds or cones like the normal vascular plant would.

Spores are haploid and represent gametophytic stage. Seeds are diploid or polyploid and represent the sporophytic stage.

Conifer trees have two different kinds of cones. The pollen cones house the male reproductive cells. They produce pollen which is later transferred to the female cone to fertilize the seeds. The seed cone houses the female reproductive cells, which when pollinated become seeds.

Spores are much smaller than seeds. Seeds can be seen but spores can be seen only under the microscope.

spores cause Edited answer: Roses reproduce by stem cuttings, rarely by seeds. Not by spores.

Connifers reproduce by seeds. Ferns reproduce by spores

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