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How are submarines used today?

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Submarines todaee are used for underwater exploration,funn,new life underwater.

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What energy is used today to power submarines?

Nuclear energy is used to power most modern submarines

How are submarines used today in war?

Most Are Used For Spying And Stuff.

How periscopes are used today?

they are used in submarines and tanks. some are used like a telescope.

Is submarines still used today and how?

Submarines are still used by many navies to watch other navies ships and to protect coastlines secretly.

Where is nuclear energy used today?

In the power plants of ballistic missile submarines.

How do you use the Archimedes principle today?

Archimedes principle is used in submarines,ships,hot air balloons and hydrometer.It is even used by fishes.

How were sonar systems used in World War 2?

They were used by submarines to navigate when not in open waters, They were also used by submarines and anti-submarine ships to locate enemy submarines.

How are submarines used for pleasure?

Shallow diving submarines are used for reef watching in many parts of the world.

Use of German submarines in the Atlantic?

The Germans have used submarines in the Atlantic at various times in the past, including today. Atlantic submarine activity was a key theater of both World War I and World War II.

Were submarines used in World War 1 And if there were what were the weapons used by the controller of it?

submarines were used in WW1 and the weapons used were torpedos and a deck gun.

Were submarines used in world war 1?

Yes, many submarines were used in WW1 by most of the major combatants.

Which side used submarines in the civil war?

Both the Union and the Confederate had submarines, but the Confederate used them more often.

Did the Revolutionary War have submarines in it?

No, not really, submarines were first used successfully in the Civil War.

Were submarines used during the US Civil War?

Yes, submarines were used by the Confederate Navy in the US Civil War.

How were World War I submarines used?

World War I submarines were primarily used to locate and attack surface cargo and warships.

How were submarines used besides warfare?

They are used for scientific research as well as warfare. Smaller submarines were used for scientific research (underwater animals, plants, etc.)

Which country used submarines in world war 1?

Britain, France, Germany, Italy and USA all used submarines during WW1

Did Germany have submarines in 1912?

Yes. Actually, the first submarines were used a number of years before 1912.

What are periscopes used for?

periscopes are used for submarines and war tanks

Why is a periscope used today?

Today, periscopes are still used in a number of naval vehicles such as submarines, though the technology is being replaced by photonic masts. Periscopes are also used in some armored vehicles in order to view outside the vehicle without exposing passengers to danger.

What is used to locate submarines?

sonar hydrophones

How were submarines used in civil war?


What materials are used to make submarines?

steel. (:

How did sonar help in World War 2?

Sonar was used widely in World War II in an effort to locate enemy submarines. It wasn't as sophisticated as it is today, but it did help. Actual numbers are difficult to come by, but sonar was effective in the successful attacks on several submarines.

How were periscopes used and how are they used now?

They were used in the first world war in submarines. The are used now also for submarines and also war tanks. The outer coating of the periscope for the submarines were firm and waterproof for protection from the water pressure. As for the war tank the periscope is able to turn 360 degrees.