How are the Old Testament and the New Testament different?

The Old Testament represents the Old Covenant (agreement) between God and humankind. It deals with the Jewish stories of Creation, the early history of the Jewish race, various writings on the law of the Jewish nation, writings on various aspects of life such as the book of Job which deals with human suffering, and how God revealed himself to the Jewish people throughout history through the prophets. The Old Testament deals with Creation through to the last prophets, around 400 years before Christ was born. The Old Testament was written around 2000BC to around 400BC.
The New Testament (God's new agreement with us) begins with four different accounts of the life and work of Jesus. Next comes the account of the early church. The latter half of the new testament consists of letters of guidance, teaching and encouragement sent mostly by Paul but also other writers to the churches across the Mediterranean area and also to individuals. Finally the last book deals with the end times and the end of the world. The New testament was written around 50 - 100 AD.