How are the area formulas of triangles and parallelogram alike. How are they different?


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They involve only the base and vertical height.The formula for a triangle is half that for the corresponding parallelogram.

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All rectangles are parallelograms but a rhombus for example, is a parallelogram but not a rectangle.

a square are alike to a parallelogram because they have parallel sides

They are alike in that they are all triangles when you close them. They are different because they are all different degree amounts.

Triangles are alike or similar to each other when their sides are proportionate and have the same angles.

The only way they are both alike as if they a equilateral.

There are all three sided polygons. The sides can be equal in length or unequal.

that does not tell me much so i hat what that person wrote okay baby

They are both 4 sided quadrilaterals but a trapezoid has only 1 pair of parallel sides whereas a parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel sides.

A rhombus is a special kind of parallelogram.

They both have two sets of parallel lines. A rectangle is a parallelogram, but a parallelogram is not a rectangle.

A trapezium and a parallelogram are both quadrilaterals with at least one pair of parallel sides.

they both have three angles.

They both are a 4 sided shape

They are alike inasmuch that a rectangle can be split into two right angle triangles

Thy both have three angles.

they both are trianglesThey both are QAUDRILATERALS.

Both have at least one pair of parallel sides. In a trapezoid the other pair is not whereas in a parallelogram it is.

All their sides are the same length

A rhombus is one special kind of parallelogram. Everything about it screams "parallelogram",except that all of its sides are the same length.

There both quaderatrils and both have 4 sides, angles

Both have two sets of parallel lines, but a rectangle forms four equal 90 degree angles. A parallelogram does not have four equal angles.Read more: How_are_a_rectangle_and_a_parallelogram_diffrent

They both have 3 sides and 3 interior angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Well a trapezoid has one pair of paralle side and one pair is not a paralle side, a parallelogram all side are paralle.

Because they are both triangles and they are both 3 dimensional!

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