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There is no difference, but the kickers and punters are punished in a way. They don't get these kicking balls until 2 hours before a game and can use them sparingly in warm ups. These balls are brand new right out of the box and not broken in as much as the regular balls that are used on offensive plays. Those balls are given to the teams during the week before the game for use in practice. Anyone who has played football knows a brand new ball is much harder to handle, throw, carry, catch or kick than a ball that is broken in. The reason the league implemented this policy was there were legends about kickers taking balls into saunas and washing them in washing machines in order to break them in so they would be easier to kick. The league did this to even the playing filed between opponents. Essentially, the kickers and punters are all now kicking the same balls (no pun intended).

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Q: How are the balls used for kicking plays in an NFL game physically different than the balls used to run or pass?
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