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Both wars were fought against communist aggression.


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Both conflicts were fueled by rivalries between global superpowers.

The Korean War and the Vietnam War.

The Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Its hard to tell what the major conflicts were. Its all determined by what you focused on. Most people think the Major conflicts were the Korean war, Vietnam war, and the Cuban missile crisis.

No. Its two completely separate conflicts. The motives for both wars are however similar, as they both relate to the cold war. Both wars started because of the wests, mostly USA, efforts to stop the spread of communism. As the Korean war was seen as a succes on USAs behalf, the Vietnam war was a complete failure.

The Korean War is sometimes called the Korean Conflict, because the Congress of the USA never declared war. The Vietnam War, sometimes called the Indochina War was another undeclared war. It is sometimes called Indochina War, because it involved fighting in Norh and South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The Korean conflict and Vietnam War were both conflicts fought as an effort to contain the spread of communism in Asia. The Korean Conflict, while a stalemate, prevented communism from spreading to South Korea, and was viewed as a success for the policy of containment. This also set a precedent for the future Vietnam War, by using military force in an attempt to once again contain communism. Unlike Korea, Vietnam failed to even produce a stalemate, and the Communist Viet Cong overtook the nation.

The Vietnam War ended in a close decisive communist victory while the Korean war did not

The Korean War, the Berlin Wall and Airlift, the Cuban Missle Crisis and the Vietnam War.

The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Invasion of Panama, and Granada

American history has had many external conflicts. Here are four examples: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. These are conflicts that involved the American military.

The Korean War was a United Nations force supporting South Korea against a North Korean-Chinese invasion. The Vietnam War was a US-led coalition supporting South Vietnam against a North Vietnam invasion supported by China and Russia.

Vietnam war lasted 10 years. The Korean War didn't and in fact there never has been a peace agreement to end the war.

They were both "hot battles" of the cold war (against communism).

Though never formally recognized as wars, the 2 primary major conflicts of the Cold War that served as proxy wars between West and East were the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Answer this question… Both Korea and Vietnam were divided into conflicting communist and non-communist territories.

The Korean War was fought in Korea and the Viet Nam War was fought in Viet Nam.

Both were conceived as part of the overall containment policy that dated back to the Truman administration

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