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Q: How are the crab and cockroach evidence that all arthropods came from a common ancestor?
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Is there no evidence of a common ancestor?

There is lots of evidence for a common ancestor but I suggest you look at wikipedia's evidence for common descent or Talk origins 29 evidence for evolution.

Do dragons and vampires share a common ancestor?

There has been no evidence of such an ancestor.

What evidence suggests to researchers that birds and dinosaurs evolved from a common ancestor?

There is no evidence. Evolution is a theory, not a fact.

What is the evidence which shows that mollusks and annelids share a common ancestor?

Mollusks and segmented worms have a one-way digestive system, a separate mouth and anus, and their larvae are very similar. This is the best evidence that they have a common ancestor.

What are the roundworms ancestor?

There is some debate about what other groups the nematodes, or roundworms, are most closely related to, and therefore from what group they descended. Nematodes are classified as being in the clade Ecdysozoa which also includes arthropods. If nematodes are truly closely related to arthropods then they share a common ancestor.

The fact that all organisms have DNA as their genetic material is evidence that?

We all current life has a single common ancestor.

Why do scientists think arthropods and segmented worms have a common ancestor?

Scientists found that both segmented worms and arthropods have a hollow space in their bodies to hold their organs. They both also have larvae stages early on in their life cycle.

What evidence shows that the kingdom Protista have a common ancestor with plants?

Many protista contain chloroplasts.

Examples of biochemical evidence of evolution?

Physiological similarities suggest the species evolved from the same ancestor.

What are 2 types of structural evidence?

Evidence that tells that, through the structures of two organisms, can be compared that we have a common ancestor and have evolved from them.

The occurrence of the same blood protein in a group of species provides evidence that these species?

descended from a common ancestor

What is an explanation of why bird wings and reptile forelegs are evidence of evolution?

Homologous structures indicate a common ancestor