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Human intervention, water flow, wildlife dispersal and wind currents are ways that seeds of weeds spread.

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How do weeds grow without planting them?

Weeds are spread in two ways: by windblown seeds and by spreading roots and runners. In some cases, seeds of weeds and other plants are unintentionally carried by animals or people.

How do weeds spread?

Equipment, people, seed fall, wildlife, and wind are ways that weeds spread. Equipment can be considered a source of seed-spreading since seeds can get caught on vehicle parts in one place and fall elsewhere. Seeds may catch on people passing by or they may be dispersed by natural seed fall, wildlife consuming food and eliminating seeds, and wind gusts.

Do sheep cleanse their pasture of weed seeds?

No, since the seeds are too small for a sheep to find and eat. Sheep cleanse their pastures of weeds, which eliminates the weeds' ability to spread and establish themselves and thus get "weeded out" by the natural grazing behaviour of the sheep.

What is a weed?

the definition of a weed is a plant which grows out of place. a beautiful tulip would be a weed if it grew in a wheat field and the same wheat would be a weed if it grew in a tulip field.zaf. Almost all weeds fall into the category - environmental weeds. The worst weeds are the ones that spread rapidly, have particularly opportunistic characteristics and are difficult to remove once established. Opportunistic weeds that are established often drop thousands of seeds. Weed seeds are spread by animals and the weather.

Do weeds have seeds?


What are the advantages of weeds?

An ability to settle quickly in, take over and spread throughout a space are advantages of weeds. Weeds seed and settle in just as quickly as they can be uprooted. In equally quick fashion, they take over a space. They do so through their ability to survive in harsh conditions that cripple or kill other plants. And in similarly quick ways, they spread from the space in which they start to just about every space that they can spread their roots and their seeds into.

What plants grow without seeds?


What farmer plant that rhymes with weeds?


What farmers plant rhymes with weeds?


How do desert plants spread their seeds?

they can spread their seeds by growing a flower

What are small parts of wild plants?

Weeds' Seeds :)

Why could weeds no longer spread from one farmers land to another?

Barriers, bulldozers, controls, fires, mulches and row covers appear among the reasons why weeds do not spread from one farmer's land to another's. Weeds can grow by such reproductive means as rhizomes, roots, seeds and stolons. Bulldozing and fire control root and root-like expansions whereas barriers, non-organic and organic mulches, organic and synthetic treatments and row covers obstruct dispersal of seeds by weather, wildlife and wind.

How are invasive alien weeds species introduced?

More often as a garden species because they look pretty, but are failed to be put in check to prevent them from spreading. Seeds can also be spilled unconsciously and spread on the ground, then grow and spread that way.

What rhymes with seeds?

What rhymes with seeds is: Needs, Weeds, Beads, heeds, reeds, reads. Etc.

What rhymes with speeds?

seeds, deeds, leads, feeds, weeds.....

Examples of weeds that produce many seeds?

Congress grass

What rhymes small parts of wild plants?

Weeds' Seeds ;)

Do weeds have any benefits in gardening?

When you pull them out they make good compost.

What is a rhyme for small parts of wild plants?

weeds' seeds

What is a plant that farmers plant that rhymes with weeds?

Farmers plant seeds.

How do birds disperse seeds?

they eat the fruit with the seeds and when the deficate they spread the seeds

How do farmers control the multiplication of weeds?

They use herbicides to kill the weeds. Cultivation also helps, since that destroys some of the nearby weeds to help reduce the spread some.

How do seeds spread by squirrels?

it will

How are dandelions seeds spread?

Dandelion seeds are wind dispersed

Which seeds are spread or despersed by the wind?

Winged and hairy seeds