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Difference between Longitudinal waves and Transverse waves

In longitudinal waves the particle vibrates along the direction of propagation of wave whereas in transverse wave the particles vibrate perpendicular along the direction of propagation of wave.

In longitudinal wave there is a pressure variation in the medium whereas in transverse waves there is no pressure variation in the medium.

In longitudinal waves the waves move in the medium by compression and rarefaction whereas in transverse waves the waves move by forming crests and troughs.

Longitudinal waves require a material medium for its propagation whereas Transverse waves travel without a medium.

Longitudinal waves don't with a high speed as their speed is 330 m/s in air whereas Transverse wave travel with a very high speed of 3 * 10^8 m/s.

Similarities between longitudinal wave and transverse wave

1) They travel in a medium with constant speed which is different in different media.

2) They obey the laws of reflection and refraction.

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Who transverse waves are different from longitudinal waves?

A longitudinal wave is a "side-on" waveform. A transverse Wave is a "end-on" waveform.

can mechanical waves be both transverse and longitudinal?

mechanical waves can be both transverse and longitudinal, but all electromagnetic waves are transverse.

Are electromagnetic waves longitudinal waves?

No, electromagnetic waves are not longitudinal waves. They are transverse waves.

Are em waves transverse or longitudinal?

EM waves are both Transverse and Longitudinal.

How are some surface waves similar to longitudinal and transverse waves?

The peak of a longitudinal surface wave is of a higher pressure than the trough. This pressure gradient in the direction of travel exhibits characteristics of both longitudinal and transverse waves.

How is a longitudinal wave and transverse waves similar?

They are two different types of waves. The few similarities are that they are both waves and they have the same direction of propagation.

Are radio waves longitudinal or transverse?

Transverse. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, which are transverse.

Are P-waves and S-waves transverse or longitudinal waves?

P-waves are longitudinal and S-waves are transverse waves.

Examples of a longitudinal and transverse waves?

Longitudinal: Sound Transverse: Light

Are ultraviolet waves longitudinal or transverse?

Ultraviolet waves are transverse.

Are transverse waves mechanical or longitudinal?

transverse waves are mechanical!

Are sound waves transverse waves while light waves are longitudinal waves or are all sound waves and light waves longitudinal waves?

Light waves are transverse.Sound waves may be transverse or longitudinal. Sound in gases can only be longitudinal.

How are longitudinal and transverse waves same?

Both transverse and longitudinal waves show interference and diffraction effects.

What is the difference between transverse waves and longitudinal waves?

Particles in transverse waves vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the wave and those in longitudinal waves vibrate parallel to the direction of the wave. Light waves are transverse waves while sound waves are longitudinal. In general waves are quaternion and contain a real /longitudinal wave and a vector/transverse wave.

Is rarefaction in a longitudinal or transverse wave?

A rarefaction can be in a longitudinal and transverse wave. (Longitudinal and transverse wave are both Mechanical waves)

Are sound waves longlitudanal?

They can be either longitudinal or transverse. In gases, such as air, and in liquids, only longitudinal waves are possible. In solids, there can be both longitudinal and transverse waves.

What are facts about waves?

There are different kinds of waves... sound, ocean, surface, longitudinal, and transverse.

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