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Q: How are water diversions on the Colorado river the same as those on the Aral and Salton sea?
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Compare the problem of water diversions on the Yangtze River in china with those of the Colorado river?

It's because Dylan Casciano is stupid

Compare water diversion influences on the Colorado River with those on the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea How are the different?

The Colorado River does not flow into an inland sea, therefore it has a much smaller impact as it is diverted for irrigation purposes. Whereas the Aral sea has been caused to retreat substantially due to the river diversion away from the sea

What will happen if the Colorado river runs dry?

Well, I suppose a lot of aquatic habitat will be lost, as well as the riparian habitats that surround the river. Animals will be forced to move elsewhere, or those that cannot will die. For the cities that depend upon the Colorado, they will find another river to bleed dry.

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona why?

Because that is where the Colorado River is, and those two Amigos are never far apart since the Grand Canyon began.

Why can only certain hardy fish species live in the Salton Sea?

Tillapia are almost indestructable and seem to be able to adapt and survive in the most horrendously bad water conditions. The Salton sea is full of polutants and is also extremely salty, so the vast majority of fish species can not survive in those conditions. Only the hardy Tillapia seem to be able to thrive under those conditions.

What is the statute of limitations for forgery in Colorado?

There are a large number of felonies with no limit in Colorado. Forgery is going to be one of those.

What are the major colours used in british road signs?

British road signs use blue, green, red, white, brown and black. Yellow is also used for temporary signage such as those put out to warn of roadworks or diversions.

What are the natural recources of Colorado?

The natrul recources of colorado are petroleum, coal, molybdenum, sand and gravel, and uranium. Those are the main recources.

What is Colorado's state fruit?

Not all states have official fruits, especially those that don't grow much fruit. Colorado is among them.

Are there more mountains east or west of the Mississippi River?

There are more mountains west of the Mississippi River. The mountains west of the Mississippi River are also higher than those east of the river.

What is a river that empties into a larger river?

Those are tributaries. Instead of feeding into an ocean or lake, they meet with a larger river.

Which southwestern state does not border Mexico?

Those would be Utah and Nevada; depending on regional definitions, also Colorado and Oklahoma qualify as such.

Do you need parental consent to drop out of school in Colorado?

Yes, seeing as Colorado's statues mandate education for those ages seven through seventeen.

What river is the River Shannon connected to?

Lots of rivers connect to the Shannon. The river Suck is just one of those rivers.

How many Muslims live in Colorado?

The population of the state of Colorado is around 5 million residents. Only around 1 percent of those residents are Muslim.

What is unusual about the sacred river of alpha from the poem of Kubla khAN?

The sacred river in of Alpha in the poem is supposed to be a sacred river, according to the poem. This means that the river would have some kind of religious significance to those who lived in that area. It would be very important to those who live there.

What are three major cities in Colorado?

Famous cities are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aspen, and Fort Collins. Those are just some of the major cities

What European river is Budapest and Vienna and Belgrade?

The Danube river goes through those cities.

Are there sharks in the Shenandoah River?

No, not those types

What is the union carpenter wage in Colorado?

An experienced union carpenter in Colorado makes between $40,000 and $70,000 in a year. Those who are just starting and are not yet in a union can make about $5000.

Where can I find banking/finance jobs in Colorado?

Go to the local papers in Colorado and look for banking and finance jobs there. It would be very helpful for you to have work experience in those fields.

What are some of china's major rivers?

The yellow river,and the Yangzi river those are the 2 major rivers

What are the 5 main rivers in china?

Those answers are the seas not rives i only know 3 which are yellow river, pearl river and Yangtze river

What is Curfew in Louisville Colorado?

The curfew in Louisville, Colorado is for those who are under the age of 18. Those under 18 are not to be on the streets from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM Monday thru Friday. The weekend curfew time is 1:00 AM until 6:00 AM.

Why is important the Rhine river?

those who are to drink from the river rhine are said to have a noticeable improvment on one's sentence structuring.