How are x rays beneficial to people who have only one tumor in their body?

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In X-Ray
there is a minimum exposure of radiation,with any x-ray procedure.but, the results are well worth,whether it reveals a problem or not.just about any part, of the body can x-rayed.however, the brain is not usually x-rayed.that test would be a cat,or brain scan. the x-rays are 1st tests ordered, by a Dr.,if the patients' complaint warrants it.a broken leg,severe pain in abdomen or stomach.the Dr., or nurse,will ask questions as to what you have been doing that day? what did you or did you not eat? any unusual activity? has this happened before?,etc. just to be sure,and depending on the problem,tests will be ordered.blood wor,(cbc),checks for over 100 possibilities,EKG,if the heart could eb in question and an x-ray.they can be done bed-side, or in the radiology dept.the x-ray can only eliminate some's like an outline, of something, if anything inside your body.they used to be the only thing medicine, there is the cat scan, the next test usually's more in-depth and precise,them the MRI,magnetic resonance imaging.just about the top test for locating a reason for the complaint.even more perceptive,in-depth and precise with results.there is a PET scan.usually only used if the other tests don't warrant info, the Dr. thinks may be there.i think my explanation would anwered the question about how are x-rays beneficial.better to find the problem, than not.if a tumor is large enough,or there is a mass,it will appear,on the MRI or PET can explain just exactly what kind of tumor it is and where can have a tumor,or mass and it can be benign.depending on where it's located and what the Dr. thinks,fluid can be drained,by injection, and tested for cancer.from that result the medical team will know the course to follow.
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In a recent x-ray what looks like a tumor is on L3 and have also been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis Any link between the two?

Answer . \nAnswer...\n. \nThere are cancers that secrete hormones that can affect bone metabolism, just like normal hormones. There are also some treatments that can have an effect on hormones such as supressing male hormones [in males] to combat prostate cancer. \n. \nThe cancers that secret ( Full Answer )

What are health hazards of x-rays on human body?

Answer: . X-ray's use radioactive methods. All proper medical x-rays have been tested and will not cause harm, however, excessive exposure to radiation can cause cells to malform which causes cancer.

Paraplegia is paralysis on one side of the body and is caused by a tumor injury or CVA?

hemi-plegia is paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. Paraplegia is loss of sensation and paralysis from approximately the waist down. It can be caused by numerous factors such as traumatic brain or physical injury, CVA, tumour pressure, etc.. hemi-plegia is paralysis or weakness on one sid ( Full Answer )

Do brain tumors contain only one cell?

It starts as one cell, and grows into a mass of cells that do not stop replicating (this is the growth of a tumor). Tumors can either be malignant or benign. A tumor is defined as "an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose" by the Princeton WordNet.

Why X-rays can only be diffracted through crystals?

bcz x rays have very very small wave length..... Ans: X-rays are diffracted by crystal because wave length of X-rays and interplanar spacing in the crystals is of the same order, (angstrom, Å), so it satisfies Bragg condition for diffraction . 2dsin θ = n λ . Where n is the integ ( Full Answer )

How are x-ray used to help people?

Actually, x-rays are bad for your body because they use a lot of radiation to get the picture. But I guess they help people by showing doctors and patients bones in the body, whether they are broken or not.

How does the wavelength of X-ray energy affect the exposure of the body?

In general, the shorter the wavelength (the higher the frequency) of X-rays, the more energy the radiation has. That means that shorter wavelength X-rays have more penetrating power. It should be noted that X-rays are also a form of ionizing radiation; these electromagnetic waves have the energy to ( Full Answer )

How does X-rays harm your body?

they can cause damage to living cells which can cause serious illnesses, also cause raditation to enter the body

What is going on in the body when you have a brain tumor?

All tumors are caused by disruption of a cell's normal regulatory systems. Brain cancers are no different, they arise from cells that can no longer regulate their own growth, leading them to multiply in an uncontrolled way. . In discussing the efeects on the body of a brain tumor, it is impossible ( Full Answer )

Why do people use x ray?

becasuse it helps them see if there is anything broken or wrong in ur body

Why x-ray can detect broken bones but not tumor?

Plain film xrays are able to detect some tumors. However, tumors are usually soft tissue which plain film xrays cannot detect as well. CT scans use xrays to detect soft tissue tumors.

Why can an x ray travel through your body but visible light can not?

Wave length and frequency. In light also is reflected,our bodies have density and skin which is pigmented allowing the light to be absorbed. X-ray's are more of magnetic field or radioactive and respond to bodies electric energy, atoms of which we are composed,its cellular to bones to brain.

What body parts must be covered during X-rays?

It is a really good idea to cover reproductive organs duringX-rays, and we do. Lead blankets are always available in the X-raysuite, and the staff knows where to put them and why.

How do X-rays show you stuff inside your body?

X-rays pass through your soft muscle, but can't pass through the hard bone, forming an image with only your skeleton seen in detail, while there are thin traces of your muscle.

Why X-ray only can be produced in tube?

X-ray tubes are just a convenient way of producing x-rays. The tube contains a vacuum, which means that the accelerated electrons won't accidentally bump into any other particles and be scattered or slowed down before reaching the target.

How do x rays see into the body?

The amount of energy the beam contains determines how much radiation will go through an object to hit the cassette. This energy level is determined by the person operating the machine and must be calibrated to the size and density of the object being viewed. The x rays will not penetrate dense objec ( Full Answer )

How do x-rays affect your body?

they can cause damage to living cells which can cause serious illnesses, also cause raditation to enter the body Read more:

Which types of celestial body emits x rays?

There are plenty of celestial bodies that emit xrays - while othersscatter, reflect, or alter the energy of electromagnetic radiationinto the x-ray range. Sources that emit x-rays include pulsars orneutron stars, the accretion disks of black holes, stars -particularly ones with certain types of comp ( Full Answer )

Are X-ray safe on body?

Not entirely. They harm your body to a degree but to a very minimal degree. X-ray's should be prevented if possible but are otherwise not really harmful of corse x-ray are are safe they do not harm ur body

How x rays help people?

it help other people cause they could see bones identifying what the case may be

Why does x rays light get farther into your bodies than ultraviolet?

Xrays have smaller wavelengths, and can only been seen from the shadows it makes on xray paper. X-rays have a shorter wavelength than ultraviolet, thus making them smaller photons, hard x-radiation has a wavelength around .01 nanometers and ultraviolet has a wavelength around 10 nanometers at ( Full Answer )

Which effect of a lethal dose exposure of X-rays to the body?

By definition a lethal dose of x-rays would cause death. Prior to death, the person would show signs of radiation poisoning including nausea, vomiting, hair loss, bloody vomiting (hemoptysis), bloody diarrhea (hematochezia), dizziness, low blood pressure (hypotension), slow wound healing, uncoord ( Full Answer )

How have x-rays helped people these days?

Well dear, if you were ever to break a bone or swallow something totally ridiculous like key, an X-ray would show where exactly you broke the bone, or if you broke it at all, or where the key was currently in you at the time.

Can you x-ray a dead body?

Yes. There is no essential difference between living bodies and cadavers/corpses as far as X raying.

Are tumors only in the brain?

No, tumors can be found in other parts of your body as well including: Breasts, your lungs, uterus, prostate, legs, arms, etc.. Tumors can show up pretty much anywhere.

How are x ray used to help people?

They allow doctors to take photographic-like images of bones (and certain other things including many metals) allowing them to dectect something wrong with them.

Why can X-ray locate bones but not tumor?

X-rays only show up dense areas in the body such as bone. An x-ray may show tumors in the lung as they show up as dense white patches and they can show bone erosion in people with bone tumours but they can't show up tumours which are the same density as the surrounding organs such as liver or kidney ( Full Answer )

Can people have X-Ray vision?

No, people can not have X-ray vision. Humans do not have the ability to see through objects like an x-ray machine does. There use to be glasses that were marketed as giving you X-ray vision but they never truly worked. Not naturally, no.

Is heat tranferred to human body during x ray?

Yes. X-rays have energy, and any x-rays absorbed by the human body would be converted to heat. Or most of that energy would be converted to heat, at any rate.