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How are you able to receive when you give?

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If after you give, you expect something in return, then it's no longer the virtue of charity, but a marketplace barter, or trade.

2007-06-20 02:48:52
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Q: How are you able to receive when you give?
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Does an ion give or receive?

An ion can give and receive electrons

Can you please help me write a sentence with the words receive and give?

The more you give, the more you receive. the more you give the more you receive.

What is the antonym for the word receive?

The usual antonym for receive is give. It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

What is the opposite of receive?

The opposite of receive can be send (a reverse transfer), or the opposite could be deliver (the other action).The opposite of receive (be a recipient) is to give (be a donor).The opposite of receive is give.

How are you able to see objects that do not give off light?

An object that does not give off light on itself is still able to reflect incoming light. This is the case with most objects arount you that you see, precisely, because they receive light from the Sun or from some lamp.

What is an antonym for receive?

Some antonyms for receive are send and give.

What would be the antonym for receive?

The Antonym For "receive" Would Be "Give"..

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Is it better to give or receive gifts?

GIVE! That's the joy of Christmas! Set yourself a goal to give more than you receive, and see how happier you will be.

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What is a antonym of pilfer?

give, receive

What is the opposite of the word receive?


What are the antonyms for give?

Take, receive.

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Why do we give and receive gifts in Christmas?

i think it is a way to give thanks

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Opposite word of receive?

Give or send?

What easier to give than to receive?