How are you in tongan?

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'Oku ke fefe hake

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Plus me Fefe hake

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Q: How are you in tongan?
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How do you say no in tongan Tongan?


What is tongan for horse?

Tongan for horse is Hoosi.

What is Tongan money called?

Tongan Pa'anga

What does the tongan shield repersents?

the tongan shield repersents Tonga and the tongan creation and salotes death

Is doug howlett tongan?

half tongan from his mum

How do you say horse in tongan?

Horse translated in to Tongan is hoosi. Tongan is the Polynesian, the national language of the kingdom of Tonga.

What is tongan name for hangi?

Tongan name for Hangi is Umu

When was Tongan Megapode created?

Tongan Megapode was created in 1864.

When was Tongan paสปanga created?

Tongan paʻanga was created in 1967.

How do you say tongan pride in tongan?

mata usi tonga

Is Rene Naufahu tongan?

tongan dad samoan mum

When did Tongan pound end?

Tongan pound ended in 1967.

When was Tongan Ninja created?

Tongan Ninja was created in 2002.

What does hoi mean in tongan?

What does hoi means in Tongan language

How do you say king in tongan?

You pronounce it Tu'i in Tongan

What is a tongan tau'olunga?

The Tongan tauʻolunga is a traditional Tongan dance. The type of dance is comparable with some of the Hawaiian hulas, or the Tahitian ʻaparimas.

How do you say kiss in tongan?


What is the duration of Tongan Ninja?

The duration of Tongan Ninja is 1.38 hours.

What does 3 mean in tongan?

it means nothing, but how to say it in tongan is "tolu"

What is the Tongan for fish net?

the word "kupengq" means fish net in the tongan language

What does the name salesi in tongan mean?

Salesi is the tongan translation for the name Charles.

Why is the Tongan island Niuafo'ou distant from the rest of the Tongan islands?

God made them to be.

When did Royal Tongan Airlines end?

Royal Tongan Airlines ended in 2004.

When was Royal Tongan Airlines created?

Royal Tongan Airlines was created in 1985.

How do you say beautiful tongan princess in tongan?

taahine hoihoifua or taahine talavou