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Being happy for an ex seems like a superhuman expectation to me, especially for someone who has hurt you deeply. You have the right to feel hurt and betrayed. You may well feel regret and wish the two of you were still together. Getting angry is actually a sign of healing, in this situation. You do need to realize that the two of you will never be together, and to move on. You don't need to be happy about it.

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Q: How are you supposed to be happy for someone who broke up with you and left you alone while they are in another relationship now and you still love them?
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How can you win a guy who is in another relationship how do you make him love you?

need to leave him alone if he is in a relationship

What if you break up with your boyfriend and you get a different one will he be cross?

Don't jump into another relationship just to make someone else upset or to not be alone. Usually when you jump from relationship to relationship you could be getting the "name" that you don't want.

How can you get rid of an unwanted relationship?

it depends , if its your relationship, breakup with the person . if its someone eles , leave it alone and let them figure it out

What is relationship addiction?

In a nut shell it is a someone who is not be able to be alone. He or She must be in a relationship to function in life thus it is an addiction. Because without being in a relationship the person feels useless. Not true of course but some feel them must have a relationship to be someone.

How do you get a boyfriend that already has a girlfriend?

You don't ! You leave him alone to get on with his current relationship - and find yourself someone who is unattached !

How do you win a heart of a girl who is in love with someone else?

You don''t ! Leave her alone to enjoy her relationship !

What is Michael Jackson's song You Are Not Alone about?

It means exactly what the title says You Are Not Alone,there will always be someone there to help you, in whatever form be it a relationship, and friendship, even when your are not together.

What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend and his boyfriend cheated on her but now she don't know if she want to be with you or him?

No matter what's going on in their relationship, LEAVE HER ALONE. It's none of your business, for one. Two, SHE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP. Do not wreck someone's relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back.

How can you make a guy fall in love with you if there is chemistry but he has a girlfriend?

You don't. Leave him alone until his current relationship ends. It is wrong to invade an ongoing relationship. If his relationship does not end then MOVE ON!! It is not meant to be. Find someone else.

When you are alone she cool but when you are not she acts like someone eles why?

In one situation or another she is being fake.

How do you get someone out of an abusive relationship?

People are not objects. You cannot "get them" out or into anything, let alone a relationship. You can help her/him acknowledge that s/he is the victim of abuse, offer unconditional support, and assist with practical details.

Why don't people like being alone relationship wise?

People crave love and affection and have a natural desire to be with people , a relationship is about not being alone, having a shoulder to lean on, someone to trust withy your heart and to feel needed & appreciated. Who wouldn't want that?

How are your boyfriend and you supposed to spend time alone?

Find a place where you can be alone and go there. It's not that hard.

What are you supposed to do when you are alone and bored?

best question ever

Can a human being control another human being with their brain?

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that someone can control another person with the power of their mind alone.

How do you get parents to leave your relationship alone?


What is the defitniton of no relationship?

Forever Alone

Why does Scrooge say remove you A Christmas Carol?

"Remove you" was another term meaning to tell someone to leave you alone

What benefit if any is the organism getting by being in the relationship?

If your relationship is working there are many benefits. benefits include companionship so your not alone people generally feel safer and better with another person, confidence two people can make each other feel better about their self, its also nice to have someone you know who cares about you, and if your a person who cares about security you can also find that in a relationship.

How do you get someone to leave you alone?

Tell them to leave you alone

Dating for a year and break up for someone else?

Leave them alone. You broke up for a reason & if either one of you is in a relationship, you need to respect that.

Who was Amelia with when the plane crashed?

according to history she was supposed to be alone.

How do you make sure a girl didn't break up with you for someone else after she told you she's not ready for a relationship and to wait until later to get back together?

you don't, if you like her just leave it alone and enjoy the relationship

Why would you leave someone if you really loved him or her?

Love does not define a relationship nor can one survive on "love" alone. A relationship consists of many aspects and if one of a couple does not feels those others aspects or sees them with want they want in a relationship then it just cannot be.

What are signs that someone has put a spell on another person?

First of all, witchcraft doesn't exist in the fact that someone CANNOT put a spell on another person. Witchcraft is impossible to do, let alone master. Therefore, there are not signs that someone has put a spell on another person, because witchcraft and spells do not exist.