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Your Great-Aunt/uncle, would be your parent's aunt/uncle.

So, your grand nieces would be your nieces kids, and plus their kids would make you their Great-Great-Aunt/Uncle.

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What relationship are your daughters kids and nieces kids to you?

Your daughters are great aunties if their nieces have kids. Your daughters kids are your grand children.

What relation are your niece's kids to you?

They are your grand-nephews and grand-nieces.

What would your nephew's kids be to you?

Your nephew's children are your great nephews and great nieces (or grand nephews and grand nieces).

Are grand nieces and grand nephews blood related?

They can be, but they are not necessarily so. I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my brother (my sibling), and I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my wife's sister. These two sets of nephews and nieces are not blood related. When you visit your aunt and uncle (married to each other) you are related to only one of them by blood. They are still your aunt and uncle.

My sister's daughters children?

They are your grand-nephews and grand-nieces or great-nephews and great-nieces.

What would you call my nephews kids?

Well, I really haven't had the opportunity to meet them and make any sort of opinion... If I were you, Grand-uncle, I would call them my grand-nieces and grand-nephews.

What relation is mother's niece's children to her?

Your mother's nieces' children are your mother's grand nephews or grand nieces. They are your first cousins, once removed.

What do you call your husbands sisters kids who have kids?

The children of your husband's siblings are your nieces or nephews. Their children are your great-nieces or great-nephews.

What relation would you call your sister's grandchildren?

They are your great nephews and/or great nieces. Alternately, some people say grand-nephews, grand-nieces.

Grand Nephew's new baby - how related?

The children of your grand nephew (or great nephew) are your great great nephews and great great nieces (depending on whether they are girls or boys).

What do you call your nephew's children?

Some would call your nephew's children your grand nephews and grand nieces, others would call then your great nephews and great nieces.

What is the plural possessive form of niece?

The plural form for the noun niece is nieces; the plural possessive form is nieces'.Example: The kids had a lot of fun at my nieces' party.

What relation are your grand daughters to your son?

Your granddaughters and son have the relationship of nieces and uncle. Your granddaughters being his nieces and your son being their uncle.

Did Alfred renyi have and siblings?

No he did not. I am one of his grand nieces. He had one daughter.

Which cats in the book are blood-related to Firestar?

Mate: Sandstorm Daughters: Squirrelflight, Leafpool Father: Jake Mother: Nutmeg Sister: Princess Half-Brothers: Scourge, Socks Half-Sister: Ruby Nephew: Cloudtail Grand-Nieces: Whitewing, Amberkit Grand-Nephews: Dewkit, Snowkit Great-Grand-Nieces: Dovewing, Ivypool Grandsons: Lionblaze, Jayfeather Granddaughter: Hollyleaf

Are nieces of sisters related?

Some nieces of sisters are related to each other and some are not. Your niece is the daughter of your brother or sister (your siblings). If you have more than two siblings and at least two of them have daughters, those daughters are your nieces and they are first cousins to each other. You can also have a niece who is the daughter of a sibling of your spouse. If two sisters have nieces who are daughters of their spouse's siblings, those nieces are not related to each other (unless the spouses are related to each other, as when two brothers marry two sisters)

If your great uncle married into the family then how are you related to his nieces and nephews?

If your great uncle married into your family some of his nieces and nephews are your aunts or uncles (or your parent) and some are not related to you at all.

Is my nieces sons daughter my great great niece?

No. She is your great-grand niece

Does Harry Styles have any nieces or nephews?

No his sister Gemma has no kids

What do you call your great grandma's sister's husband's great niece?

When a couple is married and the wife has nieces who are daughters of her brothers or sisters, those nieces are also the nieces of her husband. So your great grandmother's sister's husband could have great nieces who are related to you and also great nieces who are not related to you.Note that your great grandmother's sister is your great great aunt.The great nieces who are related to you are the grandchildren of the siblings of your great great aunt.Those could be your:parentauntfirst cousins, once removedsecond cousins, once removed

Did Jane Addams have kids?

No, Jane Addams did not have any kids, but she helped raise several of her nieces and nephews.

What is title of nieces son to aunt?

Your niece's son is your grand nephew, and you are his great aunt.

Does jerry cantrell have children?

Nope, no kids. He does have several nieces and nephews though.

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