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It will still taste bad even if it is served with sour cream. it would have to be rotten as sour cream is nasty at its best

2006-11-29 17:06:21
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Q: How bad does something have to taste before serving it with sour cream is an improvement?
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How many grams of whip cream per serving?

The grams of whip cream per serving is 10 Grams.

What is the suggested serving of ice cream?

A serving of ice-cream is usually either a cup or a cone. Depending on the brand and flavor will depend on how much is a good serving size. Also if you look on the back of the ice-cream there is always a reasonable serving size.

What is the serving size for chocolate ice cream topping?

The average serving size for most ice cream syrup toppings is two tablespoons.

How you have to measure ice cream?

Ice cream is measured by litres in bulk, or grams by serving

How long is homemade clam chowder good for in the refrigerator for reheating?

The problem with cream soups is the tendency to not fully reheat the leftovers before serving. I'd only keep them a day (or two at the most) and make sure it is heated throughout before serving.

How much is 1 serving of ice cream?

Usually, it is 1/2 cup is one serving.

What is more fating oreo cookies or ice cream?

One serving of ice cream will have more fat and more caloires (usually) than one serving of oreos.

How long before serving should whipped cream be put on a cake?

If you put it on right after you get it out of the oven, it will flop over and go all over the cake, so it's best to wait right before you serve it to put the whipped cream on. or wait till you cut it, then put the cream on, and then you can easily add more if necessary.

Can you freeze a cheese ball of cream cheese and cheddar?

Yes, the cheese ball can be frozen. It should be defrosted slowly and thoroughly in the refrigerator before serving.

Where in the Philippines can you buy sicorten cream?

In Mercury Drug 100 pesos something before in 1985 to 86

Does cooked cream puff pastry need to be refrigerated?

If you have not added the cream to the pastry, it is fine unrefrigerated, just cover the pastry until you are ready to add the cream and serve it. If you have added the cream to the pastry, then cover and refrigerate the pastries. I recommend waiting to add the cream until right before, or at most a few hours before serving, otherwise the pastry becomes soggy. It still tastes fine, you just won't have the crispy pastry.

What should I not eat before I run 800 meters?

Fibrous veggies and high-fat foods that are hard to digest:Broccoli, onions, and a large serving of beansCream-based soups, burgers, fries, and ice cream

What is the size of a small ice cream serving at a typical ice cream shop?

purple corn About 5oz or so.

How do you use the word improvement in a sentence?

Because the mother was so proud of her child's improvement in school, she decided to take him to his favorite ice cream place in town.

What is the average serving size of ice cream?

Half a cup (125g)

How many calories sour cream have?

60 calories per serving

Where can you buy single serving packets of sour cream?

At sams club

Calories for strawberry and cream oatmeal?

About 200 calories per serving.

How much calories is in cream cheese?

About 60 calories per serving.

How much whipping cream for pie serving 40 ppl?


Should you refrigerate a chocolate cream pie?

Yeah! You should keep it refrigerated until just before serving, actually. It believe it's SUPPOSED to be a cold dish...

What is cream oil?

Cream oil is something that u eat

How do you add cream to a asparagus cream of soup?

You don't want to add the cream until you have finished cooking everything else, lest it separate. Pull the asparagus mixture off the burner, and let it cool before introducing the cream. If you cool it to room temperature, you can just add the cream directly to the pot. If you plan on serving right away, add a little of the warmish soup mixture to the cream to temper it, then after mixing, you can add the cream to the pot. (Reheating the soup with the cream is not a problem.)

What is ice cream scooper?

Something that scoops up Ice-Cream

How do you use the word dollop in a sentence?

He put a dollop of cream on his serving of pie.