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Q: How big a large Papa John's pizzas?
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What is better Papa John's or Pizza Hut?

papa johns is way better because of pizza huts crust an pizza is gross. I think Pizza Hut is better then Papa Johns and Pizza Hut is a big brand in fast food industry and working successfully around the world.

How big are pizza express pizzas?

as big as my dick 32"

Do you like it when they call you big papa?

I do indeed like it when they call me big papa.

How many pizza boxes should you buy for 30 kids?

Depends on the size of the pizza and the size of the kids. A large pizza is 8 slices. Little kids eat one slice, big kids 2 slices. 4-5 large pizzas for little kids, 9-10 large pizzas for big kids. Nobody eats the pizza boxes.

Where can i find more information about papa johns coupon codes When is the best time to use papa johns coupon codes?

To start off the best time to use these are around big events like the super bowl or holidays, often times they will be offering a special already. Go to the company website to look for more information, or simply search it.

How do you say big papa in spanish?

Translation: Gran papa

What does papa grande mean?

It means big potato unless it has an accent over the 1st a in papa then it means big father

What actors and actresses appeared in Chopsuey Met Big Time Papa - 1978?

The cast of Chopsuey Met Big Time Papa - 1978 includes: Weng Weng as Big Time Papa Ramon Zamora as Chopsuey

What does bpa stand for?

big papa Aaron

What is Big Papa's claim to fame?

Big Papa is known for offering services such as car stereos, window tinting, alarms, installing a remote start kit for your car and much more. The shop for Big Papa is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The red storm of the the big east conference?

St. Johns

What is Spanish word for big daddy?

papa grande

How do you write big poppa in Spanish?

Papa grande.

How big is Papa John's pie?

two mm

What are some big name restaurants?

McDonalds Burger King Wendys Applebees Olive Garden Chipolie/ Quadoba (or something like that!?) Chick-fil-A Pizza Hut/ Papa Johns/ etc. pizza places in your area ETC....!

How do you break rocks in Papa Louie?

you need to get big pauly

What are the ratings and certificates for Smurfs - 1981 Papa's Big Snooze 9-6?

Smurfs - 1981 Papa's Big Snooze 9-6 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Where can you buy the best pizza?

Sugarcane, pizza express, the big black boxes with those pepperoni pizzas with tomato sauce in the crust, dominos (cheese filled crust), the orange cheese (in American supermarkets i think its called Mexican), johns pizzeria (nyc) rays pizza (nyc)

What are the release dates for Webster - 1983 Papa's Big Romance 6-4?

Webster - 1983 Papa's Big Romance 6-4 was released on: USA: 30 September 1988

Does Big Johns chip shop use horse meat?

No. This is an urban myth.

What objects would you see on Venus?

You can find big pizzas,hot dogs,cheese,mac and cheese

What kind of cheese is used on pizzas from big-name companies?

Usually, a mixture of mozzarella and mild cheddar.

What kind of food do people in Europe eat?

Big Mac's, fries, pizzas, KFC, kebabs, curry.

What 90 rap song has the lyrics I'm papa large big shot on the east coast?

"Poppa Large" by the Ultramagnetic MC's. But if searching on itunes...look under Kool Keith on the "Official Space Tape" album -gm

How big is the Pizza Hut pizzas?

6 in. personal pan pizza 9 in. panormus 12 in. mediem 14in. large almost two feet of pizza - big Italy 14 in.cheesy bites and those are your basics for now tell they come out with some thing else.witch they will