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34B is the equivelant to 12B in most bra sizes. Which is roughly 35". It usually means you have a smaller back rather than breast size.

this size is a good size, not to small and not to big , 34b is actually a common size , many people have this size

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Q: How big are 34b size breasts?
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What size is Lara Spencer's breasts?


How big will 340cc implants go when put into 34b size breasts?

You will be a d cup or double dd

How big are 32 b breasts?

just about the size of Jennifer aniston and Emma Watson, actually they're 34b but close enough just about the size of Jennifer aniston and Emma Watson, actually they're 34b but close enough

I am 15 my breasts are 34b aren't they too big?

No, they are the average size. Some girls develop quicker. It maybe that you will not grow anymore. So you shouldn't worry about it.

What is a good 34B bra for a 15 year old that makes breasts look smaller?

well it matters what size you are

Your sisters breasts started developing shes 7 and has 34b breasts is that too big at this age?

No. God has a plan for everyone. God had a plan for your sister and her breasts is part of it. Besides, who really cares how big your of your sisters breasts are? What about your straight A's or your backflip in gymnastics?

How big is a 34B bra?

A 34B sized bra means that you have a circumference of 34 inches around your bust and a size B means that you have a cup size of about 1 ½ - 2 ½ inches

What size is bigger 32A or 34B?

34b is bigger.

Am 5.2 and your breasts are 34d Are they big?

34b is the most popular bra size purchased. based on that information, yes your 34d boobs would be considered big irreguardless of your stature. count yourself lucky that your not a double or triple d.

How big is the nipple when your bra size is 34b?

Nipples come in all different sizes and colors, but for a 34b, it is usually about 3/4 of an inch in diameter

Is a 34b bra size big for a thirteen year old that weights 46kg?

that's a fine size; not too big not too small

How big are 38K size breasts?

Size K breasts would be very large.

Is a 34b big for a 13 yr old?


I wear a 34b but to small around but 36b is to big in cup but perfect around.What size should i get?

Try a 34c if the have it. If not try every brasize between 34b and 36b

Your breast size is 34B and your bust is more My body is thin when compared to my breasts what type of bra you should wear so as to make your breasts look good?

You should were thin bras so as to keep your breasts safe and be sexy.

Are 34B breasts normal for a tall 12-year-old girl?

There are some females fully grown with same size or even bigger.

How big are 38b size breasts?

( . ) ( . )

What size are maria sharapova's breasts?

big size boob

How big are 32A size breasts?

Well the 32 means that the size in inches of how big/small around the torso is where the breasts grow. The A is the smallest size in cup size. So the breasts are not large but they are not below average either. It is quite a common size for young women.

You are 14 and 5'2''5 you weigh 104 lbs and you wear a 34b are your breasts too big for your body?

definitely not! Your at a very good weight for your height, and your bra size is actually REALLY GOOD. Also a 34B is a little small for a 5'2, 104 girl, so i think your very good :) your very lucky!

Is a 34B bra size big?

depends on your definition of big. a B cup is usually medium, but it also depends on what type of body you have.

What can you do if the most popular girl has larger breasts than you 34B but she wears padded bras and when you told her your size 34B she didn't believe you and is she just jealous?

ignore her Yes. It is possible she doesn't think she is big enough and when she sees another person with the same size, she has a hard time believing you are the same. She wants to be bigger. Your bra size is your business, you shouldn't disclose it to anyone else. Why is it a big deal anyway? I know everyone wants to be popular and cool, but there are more important things in life. You will look back on this as silly.

What size are Melina Perez's breasts?


How big are 36d breasts?

They are size 36d.

How big are 34A breasts?

average size, mine are this size and they are pretty big but not too large