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Q: How big are Angelfish?
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How big does an angelfish get?

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Why does a big angelfish attack a little angelfish?

To maintain or gain leadership in an area, probably your tank.

How big is an angelfish?

3x2 or 5x1

How big of a fish tank does a angelfish need?

Minimum amount of water for a pair of Angelfish is 30 gallons.

Are Angelfish large?

Angelfish can grow to quite large sizes and if you get koi angel fish they are usually quite big when you get them.

What is an angelfish's weight?

That depends upon how big it is.

How big does a angelfish tank have to be?

20 gal

How big does emperor angelfish grow?

40cm (15.7")

How big do Silver angelfish grow?

Roughly 6 inches

Can Red-tailed black shark be with angelfish?

Yes , they can if you have a big tank.

What kind of fish is the angelfish?

An angelfish is normally a whitey color im not sure if they come in different colors. but they have big fins whether they're babies or adult fish they still have big fins they have long fins underneath the fish i think it helps them sense things.

Is an emperor angelfish an angelfish?

The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish.

How much food does a queen angelfish eat per day?

Feed a Queen angelfish many small portions of food throughout the day instead of just one or two big meals.

What is the size of an angelfish?

As a fully grown adult, my angelfish's body, not including the fins, is about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. But as babies they are much smaller, and I didn't expect mine to grow as big as it did.

How big does an angelfish grow to be?

All commonly sold Angelfish are the same species, Pterophyllum scalare, and they should all get roughly the same size, which is 5"-6" long and 10"-12" tall (fin tip to fin tip). They are big fish that need very tall tanks!

What kinds of fish are compatible with angelfish?

There are not many fish that are compatible with Angelfish. Only Angelfish are truly compatible with Angelfish.

How big a tank should you get for 3 angelfish?

You would need quite a large tank, as angelfish can grow HUGE. Fully developed angelfish can grow quite big, so if you want three angelfish, I would firstly recommend an extremely tall tank. They like tall tanks because of their tall figures. The tank would need to be at least fifty gallons, but that's the minimum. It's preferable if you have a bigger tank, to prevent stunted growth, early deaths, etc. My recommendation is a tall tank that is preferably more than fifty gallons.

Is the Angelfish the same as the Queen Angelfish?

No it is not, as you can see, the queen angelfish is much more colourful. The angelfish is just black and white. Except for the male, it is colourful but not as colourful as the queen angelfish.

How big does the tank need to be to hold five angelfish?

You would need at least a 150 gallon tank

Are angelfish dangerous to people?

Angelfish are not dangerous to people. There are freshwater and saltwater angelfish. The freshwater angelfish grow to a size of a few inches, while the saltwater angelfish can grow up to 12-inches.

Do aquarium angelfish get lonely?

Yes, they do. Angelfish love to socialize with their mates, or other angelfish.

What adaptations do angelfish have?


How big do angelfish get?

They can get quite large, but only if you treat them with great care and provide them with flawless living conditions. Angelfish can grow as big as the size of your open hand with the fingers spread apart. If you are interested in purchasing angelfish, I would recommend a tall tank with a minimum of fifty gallons, preferably more.Although rare Angel Fish can reach 12 inches in height and 6 inches wide. The average height of an Angel Fish is 4 inches.

What is the angelfish?

The angelfish is a breed of fish.

Does an angelfish have an exoskeleton?

No, an angelfish does not have an exoskeleton.