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African elephant's ears are 42 in. (107 cm) in diameter. Indian elephants have smaller ears.

They keep the elephant cool. Elephants' ears are thin-skinned and rich in blood vessels. The ears of some African elephants are nearly 2 meters long and almost as wide, much bigger than those of Indian elephants. When an African elephant waves its ear flaps, it can lower the temperature of the blood flowing within them by as much as 5 degrees Celcius. Indian elephants are essentially creatures of shady forests. They don't have to endure the high temperatures that African elephants encounter on their sunburnt grasslands, so they do not need such large ears.

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Q: How big are an elephant's ears?
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Why do elephants have long big ears?

elephants have big ears to flap insects around them

Why Do Elephants heve big ears?

Elephants have big ears to cool them selves down.

Animals with big ears?

Elephants have big ears.

Why do African elephants have big ears?

African elephants have big ears, because they can cool themselves down, by waving their ears. They have big ears for communication

Which Elephants have big ears?

African Elephants

Why are elephants ears so big?

elephants ears are big so they can stay cool by using them as fans when i is very hot.

How do you say in simile for ears?

Your ears are as big as an elephants .

How big are elephants ears?

the size of an elephants ear depends on the size of the elephant but Indian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants :)

Why do Indian elephants have small ears?

The African elephants need their bigger ears to help keep them cooler in the heat. Other elephants do not need such big ears.

Why very big ears could be a disadvantage for elephants living in a dense forest?

Very big ears can be a disadvantage for elephants living in a dense forest because they can get caught in the foliage of the forest. Forest elephants have developed to be smaller then other African elephants and their ears are more rounded.

Why do Asian Elephants have smaller ears?

this is my answer: some elephants live in dense forest and if the elephants' ears are very big, the ears will obstruct its movement through the dense forest

How big are Asian elephants ears?

They are as big as the entire earth added to the planted Pluto. But they squeeze them together, that's why elephants have patterns at the end of their ears.

What are two spieces of elephants?

African and Indian Elephants. You can tell them apart by the ears. Indian have small ears and can be used as laborers. African elephants have big ears and are almost impossible to train.

How long are the African elephants ears?


Why do elephants use their big ears?

Elephants have big ears to flap them to keep them cool. !it uses them to cool themselves by flapping them back and forth, and for hearing.

Can elephants really fly with there big ears?

No, elephants cannot really fly.

How are elephants special?

they have four big legs and two big ears

How can elephants hear the lowest sound?

big ears

What animal has big ears to cool themselves with in hot climates?


What does the elephants look like?

Elephants are big and grey, The African elephant have big ears and the Asian elephant have small ears. the Asian elephants are also smaller. they have long trunks and tails.

Why do elephants have big thin ears?

The large thin ears provides a favorable surface area to volume ratio. Elephants pump their ears full of blood to dissipate heat.

Do elephants have big ears?

Yes of course elephants are grey

Why do elephants have large ears?

They have such big ears so they could partly act as a cooling device.

What elephants look like?

They are huge have trunks and big ears

What animal has big ears?

elephants, bats, and jack rabbits

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