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enzymes are macromolecules, therefore they are larger than single or double bonded atoms. They are on the large end in an organism, but not as big as an organelle.

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Why does pH denature enzymes?

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What are the enzymes that break the double helix?

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Do enzymes help many different reactions they are not specific in their functions?

it forms to how big it is

What do carbohydrase enzymes do?

1)enzyme is a chemical substance that digest starch and reducing sugar 2)Also, the carbohydrase enzymes break down the big starch particles...the starch particles are to big to digest - it is like having peas through a sieve!

What do enzymes look like?

what do enzymes what do enzymes what do enzymes

What is the role of enzymes in your digestive system?

they break the big molecules that your body cannot digest. (i think)

Why are enzymes so essential to living organisms?

Enzymes are a type of protein. Without them, reactions would be so slow it would kill a living organism. They play a big part in digestion and they have a lot to do with Protiens.

What macromolecule is enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins. There is a saying that "all enzymes are proteins but all proteins are not enzymes".

What is the scientific name of enzymes?

Enzymes is the scientific name for enzymes.

What is lipid enzymes?


How are enzymes related to proteins?

Enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes.

Are proteins a enzymes?

Proteins are not enzymes. Enzymes are protein,tertiary proteins

What do enzymes in saliva do?

The only enzymes I am aware of in saliva are Amylase enzymes. These enzymes break down Carbohydrates. Hope this helps!

Complex organic molecules that work with enzymes to facilitate the enzymes?


Are catalysts enzymes?

All catalysts are not enzymes, only biochemical catalysts are enzymes.

What is a serum enzymes?

Serum enzymes are any type of enzymes that are found in the blood.

Denatured enzymes are the same as?

Denatured enzymes are the same as enzymes that can no longer function.

Enzymes belong to which group of organic molecules?

Enzymes can be classified as either simple enzymes or complex enzymes. 1) Simple enzymes are predominantly made up of proteins. 2) Complex enzymes are enzymes that require cofactors like iron or zinc ions to function properly.

Are lipids enzymes?

No. Enzymes are proteins.

What do you mean by the word enzymes?

what is enzymes

Who has enzymes?

Every organism has enzymes

Are enzymes in bile?

No, there are no enzymes in bile.

Is enzymes an organ?

No, enzymes are proteins.

Are enzymes a mineral?

No. Enzymes are proteins.

Are enzymes inorganic?

Enzymes are organic. The majority of enzymes are made of proteins. Enzymes act as catalysts for various metabolism processes in the body.