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In Lions
up to 2 meters long
Males can be nine feet long and weigh 450 pounds..Females are somewhat smaller.
Head and body length of a full grown lion is 170-250 cm in males and 140-175 cm in females. Shoulder height is up to 4 ft in males and as low as 3 ft in females. The tail length is 90-105 cm in males and 70-100 cm in females.
around 2.4-2.8 long and about one meter tall at the shoulders
The lion is the tallest (at the shoulder) of all living cats, averaging about 14 cm (5.5 in) taller than the Tiger.
According with the naturalist Reginald Pocock, the average standing height of a large male lion seldom exceed the 97 cm. Those records about males of 120 cm to the shoulders had been taken over the curves, according with Smuts et al. (1980).

Male lions can grow from 330-570 lb (150-259 kilo). And it reaches 8-10 ft (244-305 cm) from head to tail. On average it gets 420 lb (191 kilo) and 8.8 ft (270 cm). The largest lion ever in the wild weight up to 689 lb (313 kilo) while the largest lion captive was also the largest on record, 826 lb (375 kilo).
male lions grow up to 550 pounds females weight 300 - 400 pounds although 600 pound males have been in the wild but are rare
A typical male African lion normally grows to eight and a half to nine feet long, stands 40 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 380-450 pounds. Some exceptional male lions may reach 500 pounds, and be nearly ten feet long. Only Siberian and Bengal tigers are larger.
Male lions are around 4 feet tall, and weigh between 350 to 500 pounds.
Female lions are around 3.5 feet tall and weigh between 250 to 400 pounds.
A male lion can be between 350 - 550 lbs (160 - 250 Kilo) , on average they weight 440 lb (200 kilo) and from head to tail they can reach 8-11 feet (2.5-3.6 M) , on average 9.8 feet (3 M)
A lion is second biggest cat.It can weigh 400-570 pounds and can be up to 10.8 feet long.
depends what he's up to.
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How big does the lion grow to be?

There is a small problem to can know how big a lion can be because there are lots of subspecies in Africa and there is another subspecie in Asia called Panthera Leo Persica (Gir Forest, India). Anyway, the most of African lions are very large when they are healthy and fully grown. In short...: Pan ( Full Answer )

Do big cats like the lion have predators?

their only predatrs are manly human. we are not at the top of the food chain though. cheetahs are also killed by lions hyena and eagles kill their babies Lions have no natural predators. Lions are Apex Predators that are on the top of their food chain and have no natural predators that can kill adu ( Full Answer )

How big do male and female lions get?

A mature male African Lion is between, five and a half, to eight feet long, averages 4 feet tall, and weighs between, 330 to 550 pounds. A mature female African Lion is between four and a half, to five and a half feet long, averages three and a half feet tall, finally she weighs between 265 to 395 ( Full Answer )

How big and how heavy do lions get to be?

Male lions weigh between 320 and 530 pounds. They reach a height of 4ft. They have a 9ft long body, with a 3ft long tail. Females are the same, but they weigh 250 pounds. :) Male lions exceed 250 kg (550 ibs) in weight.

How big and heavy do lions get to be?

Male Lions are normally between 179-192Kg, however at Tsavo they reach 225Kg quite often. And at the Ngorongoro crater They reach 225-235Kg much more often. But the largest lion was around 270kg or more. Male Lions are normally 5*7-8*6 in length. And the largest lion recorded was just over 11*. Hi ( Full Answer )

How big are white lions?

White lions are so big as other lions and they usually can weigh up to 550 lbs for males and up to 410 lbs for females. they grow to about the same size as normal lions still quite big though. Usually 7-10 feet long including it's tail. lions are awseome they live in my house. my little baby cat ma ( Full Answer )

How big do lions grow?

Large male lions can weigh up to 550 lbs. or 250 kg. The males cangrow 5 to 8 feet long. Females are much smaller growing only 4 1/2to 5 1/2 feet long weighing as little as 264 lbs.

How big can lions get?

Male lions can grow to be 10 feet in length and weigh between 330and 550 pounds. Females are much smaller. They grow to be aroundnine feet long and weigh between 250 and 400 pounds.

How big is a sea lion?

There are several species of Sea Lion. The smallest are the Galapagos Seal which weighs about 70kg. The largest is the Stellar Sea Lion which can weigh up to 1000 kg

How big are mountain lions?

Adults stand about 60 to 80 cm (2.0 to 2.7 ft) tall at the shoulders. The length of adult males is around 2.4 m (8 ft) long nose to tail, with overall ranges between 1.5 and 2.75 meters (5 and 9 ft) nose to tail suggested for the species in general. Males have an average weight of about 53 to 72 kil ( Full Answer )

How big is a golden lion tamarin?

A golden lion Tamarin's body gets to be 7-8 inches and their tail gets to be about 10-13 inches long

How big does a male lion get?

The male can reach 7 to 10 feet long not including the 3 foot long tail. It can reach over 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 500 pounds..

How big are lions when they stand up?

A full grown male lion can be as tall as 4 feet when it stands up. Females are a bit shorter and can be around 3.5 feet.

How big and heavy do lions get?

Weights for adult African lions range between 150-250 kg for males and 120-182 kg for females. Females are much smaller than males both in size and weight. Their Asian counterpart - the Asian Lion is smaller in size and weight when compared to the African lion.

How big is an African lion?

African Lions weigh from 330 to 550 lb(but up to 620 lbs in Barbary Lion),stand 4 feet tall and grow up to 11 feet long.African Lioness weigh from 253 to 400 lb,stand 3.5 feet tall and are up to 8 feet long.Lions are slightly larger than Tigers.Compared to Siberian and Bengal they are taller and lon ( Full Answer )

How big is an average lion?

A lion on average, is about 130kgs. An average male weighs 450 pounds and an average female weighs 350 pounds

How big is an adult sea lion?

California sea lion males can grow up to 850 lbs and 2.4 meters (8 ft) long, while females are significantly smaller, And can grow up to 220 lbs and 2 meters (6.5 ft) long.

How big are African lions?

Male lions usually reach 8-10 feet including it's tail and weight between 330 to 550 lbs (150-250 kilo) ,on average 420 lbs (190 kilo).

How big does a female lion get?

A Female lion is around 3 feet 6 inches tall on the shoulder and weighs around 130 kilograms

Why do lions have big paws?

The paws of lions are important in catching and killing prey, large strong paws make this easier.

How big is a Barbary lion?

Barbary Lions weigh 420 to 620 lb and an average of 550 lb.They stand 3.5 feet tall and are 11 feet long.

How big are lions at birth?

A baby lion cub can weigh anywhere from 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds atbirth. Fewer than 50% of lion cubs survive the first year of life. They're about the size of a baby golden retriever. Lion cubs are pretty small when they are born. They weigh between 1to 2 kilograms at birth. They are a few inches tal ( Full Answer )

How big and how heavey do lions get to be?

The largest lion on record weighed 375 kg, though 250 kg is much more common. Body length (nose to rump) 250 cm; plus tail 105 cm Shoulder height: 123 cm. These figures are for male lions, females tend to be smaller.

How big are lions prides?

A lion pride may contain around 8-10 female lionesses who are related to one another and their offspring cubs. Also the pride may have one or two Male lions whose only job is to protect the pride and father the cubs. So a full lion pride may have around 10 adults and an equal number of young ones.

How big can an african lion get?

An African Lion weighs from 330 to 550 pounds(150 to 250 kg) with an average of 420 pounds(191 kg).They stand up 4 feet tall and are 11 feet long.The African Lioness weighs 253 to 400 pounds(115 to 181 kg),stand 3.5 feet tall and are 6 feet long.

How big is an Asiatic lion?

A male asiatic lion can weigh 540 1b. be 3 1/2 ft. tall, and around 7 1/2 ft. long. A female can weigh 380 1b. be 3 ft. tall, and be 5 ft long. Asiatic Lions weigh from 264 to 500 lb,stand 2.7 to 3.4 feet tall and are 6 to 8 feet long

Do lions eat other big cats?

I'm pretty sure they don't Lions may kill and eat leopards and cheetahs on occasion.

How big was the American lion?

American lions are once said to be the biggest cat species living on earth, bigger than the african liger or the siberian tiger. Males can grow to be 5 ft tall at the shoulder, be up to 12 ft long, and weighs up from 700 pounds to 800 pounds. Females are 25 percent the size of males. the American l ( Full Answer )

How big are lion herds?

A group of lions is a pride, not a herd. They have the dominatemale, about 3 to 7 females and a few litters of cubs. Any youngmales are kicked out of the pride at a certain age. So a pride hasaveragely 10-20 lions and cubs.

How big are lion monkeys?

there are about 12 inches long with inch tail and weight about a pound and a half

How big was the cape lion?

The Cape Lion was the largest of the Sub-Saharan Lions but not larger than Barbary Lion. The Male Cape Lion weighed from 430 to 580 pounds(195 or 196 to 265 kilos),stood almost 4.2 feet tall and nearly 10.8 feet long.The Cape Lioness weighed from 240 to 400 pounds(109 to 180 kilos),stood 3.5 feet ta ( Full Answer )

What can take down a big lion?

you can take it down by many ways 1, you brake its spinal cord with a blunt intrument or you can kill it with a knife.

Why do male lions have big manes?

All male lions have the Mane. The mane is nothing but a growth of hair around the neck area of the lion. The hair is similar to the hair we have on our heads. The size and darkness of the Mane signifies how mature and old the Male Lion is. Lions with a larger mane have a greater chance of holding on ( Full Answer )

How big is the tiniest animal in Lion King?

The tiniest animal in The Lion King would most likely be Zazu who would be about 19 to 24 inches tall and weigh less than 1 pound. Depends on what you mean by "animal." Technically speaking, there is a close-up of ants marching across a tree branch during the first song. If you count them as ( Full Answer )

What is weight of big male lion?

Weights for adult African lions range between 150-250 kg for males and 120-182 kg for females. Females are much smaller than males both in size and weight. Their Asian counterpart - the Asian Lion is smaller in size and weight when compared to the African lion.

Are lions the largest of the big cats?

Even though the lion is often described as the "king of the beasts" it is not the largest of the big cats; the tiger is the largest.

How big is the African lion?

African lions can range in size from 170-250 cm (5 ft 7 in.- 8 ft 2 in.) in length for males and 140-175 cm (4 ft 7 in.- 5 ft 9 in.) for females. They can weigh between 150-250 kg (330-550 lb.) for males and 120-182 kg (264-400 lb.) for females.

How big is the cave lion?

Cave lions were the biggest lions ever at the prehistoric times. They were up to 15 ft long and weighed from 1700 pounds to 2500 pounds.

Why do lions have big and sharp teeth?

Their teeth have evolved so that the lions can hunt down, kill and consume prey animals such as antelopes, giraffes, buffalo and other large herbivore mammals. The teeth are large, long and sharp so that when the lion bites, the teeth sink into the prey's muscles and lock there, preventing the prey ( Full Answer )

Are lions the superior of all big cats?

That is necessarily a matter of opinion. In their own habitat, the plains of Africa, they are a peak predator, and probably the "top cat" there, though the smaller and faster cheetah has some claim to that position. In the jungles of India, the tiger would be the peak predator; the lion's coloring w ( Full Answer )