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How big are pet rabbits?

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They all range depending on the breed. They can be from 3-4 pounds to 9-15 pounds

Some of the smaller breeds include the Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Britannia Petite, Polish Dwarf, Lionhead and Holland Lop. Most of these are under five pounds.

The small-to-medium medium sized breeds include the Dutch, Mini-Lop, Mini-Rex, English Spot, American Sable, & Harlequin. These tend to be between five to ten pounds.

The largest rabbits include (but are not limited to) the Flemish Giant (anywhere from fourteen pounds and quite a few can get over twenty pounds!). Another large breed of rabbit is the Giant Chinchilla.

There are plenty of breeds out there. You just need to do a bit of research to find out which one is right for you!

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How big do pet rabbits get?

Pet rabbits only grow according to their genetics.

Where do pet stores gettheir rabbits?

Pet stores get their rabbits from people who breed their pet rabbits.

What do pet rabbits do for exercise?

they normally have a run attached to there hutch which they can bounce around in or you can buy rabbit harness and leads from big pet stores.

Are rabbits playful?

Wild rabbits aren't, but pet rabbits often are!

Are pet rabbits feet black from below?

is it that pet rabbits feet are black from below i have white rabbits and there feet are yellow :P

Can wild rabbits mate with pet rabbits?

Indeed they can

Do pet rabbits purr?

No, rabbits do not have the ability to purr.

Will rabbits eat parts of carnations pinks or dianthus?

According to Poisonous Plants for Rabbits, all parts of all of these plants are poisonous for pet rabbits. Pet rabbits are from the European Rabbit species, which is different from the wild rabbits in many areas. Wild rabbits may be able to eat foods that pet rabbits cannot.

Do pet and wild rabbits drink water?

Pet rabbits willl drink water from a bottle or bowl but wild rabbits get the moisture they need from the grass.

Can pet rabbits eat parsley?

yes rabbits can have parsley.

Where are all pet rabbits descened from?

wild european rabbits

Do pet rabbits hibernate?


What do pet rabbits look like?

there are many many MANY different breeds of domesticated (pet) rabbits. so all of them look different. but wild rabbits are usually more earthy colors, brown mostly. pet rabbits are also more friendlier than wild rabbits.

Is a rabbit a pet or a wild?

There are both wild and pet rabbits. It is not a good idea to catch a wild rabbit and try to make a pet of it, because their habits are somewhat different from domesticated (pet) rabbits, and they can be very nervous and may even die of fright if caught. Pet rabbits can be bought at pet stores or from breeders.

Are rabbits friendly?

Most pet rabbits are very friendly, but most wild rabbits aren't.

Where can you find rabbits in the city?

You can find rabbits in the pet shop. :D

Do pet rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes pet rabbits do eat tomatoes. They also eat melon, banana, and sultanas

Are pet rabbits the cleanest pet you can have?

Rabbits are not the cleanest pet you could have (as they can carry disease), but as long as you keep their living environment clean and sanitary, you won't have any problems.

Do pet rabbits attract woodchucks?


Can pet rabbits have celery?

Yes, they can.

Are pet rabbits energetic?


Do pet rabbits get angry?

of course

How long do small rabbits live?

Wild rabbits all have a short lifespan, no matter what size they are, because predators get at them. Small pet rabbits tend to have a slightly longer lifespan than other pet rabbits. On average, pet rabbits live 8-10 years, but they can live up to 14 years of age.

Where does the pet rabbit stay?

If a pet rabbit is a house rabbit it needs a suitable enclosed area inside the house big enough for the rabbit to do three BIG consecutve hops. If a pet rabbit is an outdoor rabbit then it will need a big hutch raised off the ground with a sloping roof and some protection from rain. Again, the hutch should be big enough for the rabbit to do three BIG consecutive hops. If a pet rabbit is living with another pet rabbit (recommended) then the hutch will need to be doubly big. My two pet rabbits have Molly's Mansion as their hutch.

Is Bloat Catchable from Pet Rabbits to Pet rats if they are in the same room?


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