How big are pet rabbits?

They all range depending on the breed. They can be from 3-4 pounds to 9-15 pounds

Some of the smaller breeds include the Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Britannia Petite, Polish Dwarf, Lionhead and Holland Lop. Most of these are under five pounds.

The small-to-medium medium sized breeds include the Dutch, Mini-Lop, Mini-Rex, English Spot, American Sable, & Harlequin. These tend to be between five to ten pounds.

The largest rabbits include (but are not limited to) the Flemish Giant (anywhere from fourteen pounds and quite a few can get over twenty pounds!). Another large breed of rabbit is the Giant Chinchilla.

There are plenty of breeds out there. You just need to do a bit of research to find out which one is right for you!