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My preference is a C or D cup, but 16 year old average is around B or C. As long as they be bending over I'm happy with whatever size boobs.

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Why do fat girls have big breasts?

Fat girls have big boobs because the fat that they have goes up to their boobs. Once they loose all of that fat (exercising to get skinny) their boobs will shrink -- basically, fat girls' boobs are made of fat.

Why do girls have big breast?

because when they get pregnant their boobs fill with milk and they need lots of milk so that's why girls have big boobs!!!

Nicknames for girls with big breasts?

knockersanswer:i hav big boobs and im often called big boobs magee.

Why are girls embarrassed about bra sizes?

They're embarrassed because if they know other girls have bigger boobs than them, they feel like the girls that have bigger boobs are better and more attractive than them. If that's not the case, then maybe they think their boobs are too big. I don't know... You shouldn't be embarrassed about how big your boobs are. 

Does Beyonce have big breasts?

yes she has big boobs because she share it to girls magazine that brown American girls have really really big boobs and she said she's willing to sex someone if they'll pay her 1000000

How big can a females breasts get?

dipends every girls boobs are diferent.

What websites have cute girls taking off their clothes?

Big boobs!

What were some bad things about Georgia?

nothing, girls have big boobs there

Why do girls wear a bra if they are flat?

To make their boobs look big

Does it feel good to have breasts?

It depends on who you are. If your a person who is more open and is not afraid, then you may like the fact of having big boobs. A lot of people think that having big boobs attract guys. Having big boobs does not prove anything, but it may attract attention to some certain people. Boobs is just a part of a girls body and all girls have boobs. For some girls, they naturally have big boobs, maybe due to genetics. Once again, it depends on who you are, you may like having huge boobs, or you may not. You just have to be careful of how much your exposing. big bodacious boobs r very attractive to a guy and it just makes a guy want to touch them up and possibly lick them

What characteristics do pretty girls have?

Big boobs and no body fat. a lil donk.

Big in ladies small in girls not in kids?

boobs canbe any size

Are girl breasts big?

girls dont have boobs, you weirdo. Those are for boys

What dose guys like about girls?

Well back in the days they cared about personality and such. Now in the 2012 year they are only worried about a big booty and big boobs. And they want sex

If you skinny will breasts still grow?

i think your boobs will still grow if u r skinny because every girl gets boobs in their lives your boobs wont be as big as fat girl [big girls] though

Is it not average for a 12 year old to have 36DDD?

If your overweight. If your not, it's not very common, but their aren't any medical problems with big boobs.

What kind of girls does tom kaulitz date?

Tom Kaulitz likes blond girls who have big boobs. and that he can sleep with.

Do guys stare at girls breasts?

Yes. They all just love big boobs.

Do breast of girls grow bigger on pressing?

If that were true, wouldn't everyone have big boobs?

What does the text say in the cast if Amontillado?

I like having sex with girls with big boobs

Why are boys attracted to girls that have high breasts?

Not all boys are attracted to boobs at all, however pushed up boobs look bigger and most straight guys like big boobs.

How do you tell if a girl has sagy breasts?

if they sag she doesn't were a bra or if she has really big boobs its just like that . i know i am a 14 year girl and i have big boobs .

If you have big breasts how can you make them smaller?

don't worry too much about having big boobs if it worries you so much why don't you flaunt them instead of hiding them some guys like big boobs as well so don't worry about having bigger boobs than others also other girls will be jealous because you have got boobs and they don't have much at all i also have big boobs so don't worry about it at all you will look fabulous anyway big boobs or not so flaunt them OK

Who does Jiraiya love?

Tsunade Yes Lady Tsunade and any and all girls with big boobs

What is the average breast size of 35 year old Indian woman?

Well if you want big boobs to rub an Indian is the person...NOT I AM THE PERSON TO LOOK FOR

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