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Wild tigers grow up to 700 pounds in the case of the Siberian tiger. Those in captivity routinely reach 1,000 pounds.

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How big do white tigers grow?

5oo ft

How big do tigers grow up too?


How big can white tigers grow?

they can grow up to 1 m and 30 cm

How do tigers grow big to small?

I squish them in my little box

How big does the Siberian tiger grow up to be?

Siberian tigers grow to be at least 10.75 feet and 660 pounds.

How do tigers grow?

Tigers grow in hot areas

How big are newborn tigers?

They Grow to 6-inch or 12 inch Long and 70 pounds

How big does a Siberian tigers grow?

Male siberian tigers can weigh from 650 pounds to 700 pounds. Females can weigh from 400 pounds to 600 pounds.

How big can the female tiger's teeth get?

I believe a female tigers teeth and a male tigers teeth grow to be about the same size which is probably about an inch or 2 long

Are tigers big?

Tigers are one of the 'big cat' family.

How big are Sumatran tigers teeth?

how big are sumutran tigers teeth

How big is a male tiger?

Male tigers grow 10 to 15 percent larger than females do. Male tigers can weigh from 300 pounds to 700 pounds.acculally male tigers weigh from 220 to 860 pounds

Do tigers grow a stripe when they get older?

No, Tigers Are Born With Stripes

Where do big tigers live?

Big tigers live in Africa. And in zoos And where big zebras live (tigers eat zebras) And in the snow (like snow leapoards)

How big can bengel tigers grow?

Males can, on rare occasions, top 600 pounds and be over ten and a half feet long.

How big is a tigers hunting pack?

Unlike lions, tigers are solitary hunters, although a tigress with cubs may be accompanied by them as they grow, and a pair of mating tigers may hunt together for a few days during the tigresses' brief heat season.

How big are the tigers?

Tigers can grow to 1.2m (4 ft) high, 4 metres (13 ft) in total length nose to tail tip and weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds)!

How big are tigers paws?

really big

What happens to the deer if there are no tigers in the forest?

if there are no tigers in the forest then the deer population will grow and grow and grow until the populationof deer is uncontrolable, which is bad cause there will be too many.

How big do female and male tigers grow up to?

It depends on the species but a male can become over 3.25 metres and the females are usually smaller.

Are lions the biggest type of cats?

No, tigers are the biggest big cats on earth, but if tigers become extinct, lions will be the biggest. Ligers are Hybrids of male Lions and female Tigers, They do not have the restrictive growth gene their parent have and can grow to almost twice the size of their parents

How do white tigers grow and develop?

how much can a white tiger grow

Why are tigers called the big cats?

Tigers are not the only big cats. Numerous species of wild cats are referred by that name. The four 'big' cat species are:LionsTigersLeopardsJaguar

How do snow tigers grow?

there actually called Siberian tigers and they grow just like any other tiger or living thing for that matter

Are tigers female lions?

No tigers are not female lions. Tigers are a separate species of big cats.