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it has to be at least 10 in tall

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That depends. Are you a girl? Then no.

Every girl has a different preference.

No relation. You and the girl will only gain enjoyment and pleasure.

About 6-7 inches is quite big but I dunno I'm a girl

7 inch very good for me

No.This is bcos it can hurt the girl.

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

Well A girls Virgina is most sensitive the first few inches so a penis can be a 4 inches and still please a girl. -Try asking a guy with a small penis-

Size does not matter in intercourse....Even if male organ is only 5inch, its okay. As in female initial portion is sensitive and that have to be excited. If you have big penis you can only trouble the girl in pain not in pleasure.

Yes it can. 3 inch is big enough.yep.It depends on the girl. Some girls won't care how big your penis is, but some will.i need atleast a good 7 inches soft

It depends on the girl and the penis.

6 Inches of penis I think your saying! Yeaa any kind of sex is heaven and to get any penis is the best for a girl! If I could have sex with 6 inches of penis everyday I would be the happiest girl on earth! (.)(.)

In this case, size really doesn't matter.

It takes more than a big penis to have good sex. If you know what you are doing, you can satisfy a woman and never use your penis.

The size of the penis does not matter when it comes to getting a woman pregnant. If the man ejaculates inside the woman she can get pregnant.

it depends on the girl but i would say maybe

The thought that girls like guys with a long penis is generally wrong. To most girls, penis size makes little to no difference. As a guy you can imagine your penis size to be about as important to a girl, as the girl's breast size is to you. Do you actually care whether a girl has a big chest or not? Most guys don't. So why should girls care whether you have a big penis or not?

Really, its the opposite. No it doesn't, it turns us off.

Stretch it in all directions. I am a girl who likes big diks do it

She is just having a laugh. Don't answer her or return the question saying is your boobs big !

No... unless she's being raped to the point of severe hemorrhage, having a big penis inside her is not going to kill a woman. She may bleed some, but that's about it.

A big penis, like 7 or 8 inches long when erect.

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