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Well A girls Virgina is most sensitive the first few inches so a penis can be a 4 inches and still please a girl.

-Try asking a guy with a small penis-

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No relation. You and the girl will only gain enjoyment and pleasure.

Size does not matter in intercourse....Even if male organ is only 5inch, its okay. As in female initial portion is sensitive and that have to be excited. If you have big penis you can only trouble the girl in pain not in pleasure.

so they can pleasure a woman you idiot

Have no idea, but she groans when I penetrate her, which I suppose is a sign of pleasure, therefore she feels a penis penetrating her with pleasure.

Sticking it inside her vagina (sex)

You rub the penis lightly to give him pleasure.

Yes every penis is the same big small or paralyzed.

its not the length of your bat. its all in how you swing it

That doesn't matter it all depends on your penis if it's 2in long or more than it can give pleasure but I recommend you not to have sex young trust me a baby is a big responsibility you don't want to be a dad/mom when your 18 or less.

sure she has pleasure cause when the skin of the penis rubs with the flaps of the vagina a kind of heat is created ,thus arousing the girl.

a girl fells pleasure and pain oh and the making of a good root

foreskin is a highly enervated part of the penis and plays a big part in sexual pleasure.

A larger hipped woman does not require a larger penis for pleasure. Any size penis can pleasure a woman... the pleasure a woman gets from the penis all depends on her state of mind at the time of intercourse or her general preference. If she is relaxed, comfortable and love or like the person who she is having intercourse with, penis size does not matter if her hips, Butt, legs, or breast are big or small.

As long as your penis is functional, and provides pleasure to you and your partner, it does not need to be big. In fact, many partners find a man with an enormous penis to be uncomfortable. The amount of pleasure you can provide your partner has far less to do with the size of your penis, and more to do with your technique. Good technique comes from being attentive to your partner and watching for the things he or she really likes.

Oh hell yes! What a lot of men don't realise is that pleasure actually comes from technique and practice, not from penis size. Often bigger men can cause women pain. Your penis size sounds a little above average to me, but not big enough to cause harm, so don't worry. Be an attentive lover and you will more than pleasure her:)

it has to be at least 10 in tall

That depends. Are you a girl? Then no.

It gives the feeling of being more "full" and also intensifies pleasure.

Every girl has a different preference.

he and she gets pleasure pleasure ... pleasure

You dont have to have a huge penis to satisfy your partner. Matter of fact, if it is too big then the entire length of the penis will not go in. This will decrease your level of pleasure. Also, it can rip your partners vagina or anus if the girth is too large. Also, if you have a big penis, you have bigger, more noticable erections. This may be embarrasing for most.

IT will most likely be a girl or woman's mouth. They will get sexual pleasure and may moan or groan.

A girl will most likely just moan and moan and ten compliment your penis and whatever. When the time comes you will now if she is turned on (;

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