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the size of an apartment

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How big is 2 acres of land?

80,000 square feet

How big of an area is 64000 acres?

How big of an area is 64,000 acres?

How big is iwo jima in acres?

How big is Iwo Jima in acres

How big is biosphere 2?

Biosphere covers 3.15 acres of land.

How big is twenty acres?

2 miles or Twenty acres is 0.03124 square miles. HAPPY!!! Contact:BuBaParis need to know

How big is 2 million acres?

very big.. :) if u buy tat give me a little land

How many acres big is Pennsylvania?

It is about 29.475,200 acres.

How big in acres is 675m2?

Answer: 675 m² = 0.166796 acres

How big is 3 million acres?

3 million acres!

How big 175 x 175 in acres?

0.7 acres.

How big is Maine in acres?

Maine's area is 22,646,000 acres.

How big is Central Park in acres?

It was originally 770 acres, then later expanded to 843 acres.

How big is 1000 ft x 1000 ft in acres?

22.96 acres An acre is 43560 sq.ft

How big is a normal house acres?

5 trillion acres wide.

How big is 837040 square feet?

About 19.2 acres. (19.2157943 acres)

How big is 7 acres?

There is 304,920 sq ft. in seven acres.

How big is Brazil in acres?

Approximately 2.104 x 109 acres

How big is 23 acres?

23 acres is 1,001,900 square feet.

How big is 38000 acres?

Answer: 38,000 acres = 59.375 square miles.

How big was the Louisiana purchase in acres?

Almost 530 million acres.

How big is 26 acres?

Answer: 26 acres = 0.040625 square miles.

How big is Jordan in acres of land?

Jordan's area is 22,077,000 acres.

How big is the state of Connecticut in acres?

Connecticut's area is 3,547,700 acres.

How big is 150000 acres?

150000 acres = 60703 hectares, approx.

How big is 5.8 acres?

5.8 acres is 252,650 square feet.