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How big is 8mm?

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It is .323" in diameter for the JS bullet and .318" for the J bullet. In other words, the bullet is a little larger than a 30-06 round.

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How big is 8mm in ft?

8mm = 0.026 feet.

How big 8mm is?

0.31 inch

How big is a 8mm?

o.31 inch

How big is 8mm on a ruler?

0.31 inch

How big is 8mm compared to 1 inch?

1" = c. 25.4mm 8mm=8/25.4=40/127"

How big is 8mmx10mm?

8mm*10mm = 80mm or 8cm

How big is a 0 ear gauge?

5/16'' or 8mm

How big do brine shrimp get?

They grow about 8mm, but if in a very good and big environment, they can grow up to 20mm.

How big is a 8 mm earring on an ear?

8mm is about 3/8" - pretty small, really.

How do you tell if you have a 8mm tape?

Measure the width of the film, if it equals 8mm then you have an 8mm tape.

What does 8mm equel?

8mm = 0.008 metres.

Which is greater 0.6cm or 8mm?

8mm is greater.

How many centimeters are in in 8mm?

0.8 0.8cm=8mm

Which is wider 8mm or 516 in?

8mm is a little wider.

What is the area of a square whose sides each measure 8mm?

64 mm squared. (8mm multiplied by 8mm)

Is 1.8 MM smaller then 8MM?

1.8 mm is smaller than 8mm. 8mm is 4.44 times 1.8.

What is the surface area for a cube that is 8mm?

6 faces, each of 8mm*8mm = 6*64mm2 = 384 mm2

Are all 8mm camcorders mutually compatible?

in tape size yes, but D8 takes all tapes, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm only 8mm tapes

How big is 8mm in inches?

0.3149606299 in Direct Conversion Formula 8 mm* 1 in 25.4 mm = 0.3149606299 in

When was 8MM released?

8MM was released on 02/26/1999.

What was the Production Budget for 8MM?

The Production Budget for 8MM was $40,000,000.

Do all 8mm video cassette tapes fit all 8mm video cameras?

yes, but some don't work in some cameras, D8 takes all, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm video only 8mm tapes

How long is 8mm compared to an inch?

8mm = 0.315 inch (rounded)

How do you transfer 8mm analog to PC?

by scanning of filming the 8mm and digitalizing the tape

What is an 8mm skateboard truck?

8mm is the size of the truck. From one end to the other.

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