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By area, Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

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It's pretty small compared to other states (If I know my states all right)

It has the 35th largest area and is the 12th largest in population.

No not really. Compared to Indiana, it is 1/6th the size

Alaska is massive as in larger than Montana, Texas and California combined.

Hawaii doesn't have any states; Hawaii IS a US state. Honolulu is a big CITY in the island of Oahu. The biggest island is the island of Hawaii.

Kentucky, one of the states of the united states is as big as south korea.

Hawaii is part of the United States as a US State. It consists of 7 other "main" islands that is just commonly called Hawaii, such as Oahu, Molokai Kauai, Maui etc.

its big but not that big compared to the nucleus

The United States is about 89.5 times the size of Cuba.

Hawaii wouldn't have states, since all of the islands make up the state of Hawaii. The biggest island of the Hawaiian Islands is the Big Island, Hawaii.

Compared to other countries, the US is the third largest country in the world.

They are small compared to other planets but big compared to us.

The Big Island of Hawaii, or just Hawaii.

Key West, Florida for the contiguous States and the Big Island of Hawaii for the US States.

Slightly smaller than California.

Kilauea is located in the United States of America, in Hawaii, on the Big Island.

Slightly smaller then 3 half's the size of the united states By:Camon Worsham

Jamaica is only about 0.11% the size of the United States.

The United States is like a big cookie compared to a little cookie.

Minnesota is the twelfth largest state in the US.

It's about the size of Texas and Oklahoma combined.

the US is 3/10 the size of Africa.

hawaii Ka Lea,Hawaii also known as South Point, is the southernmost point on the big island of Hawaii. It is the southernmost point of the 50 United States.

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