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Pluto has an estimated:

  • Diameter of 2,306 km
  • Volume of 6.39 x 109 k
  • Mass of 0.007×1022 kg
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Q: How big is Pluto?
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Is Pluto small or big?

pluto is to small

Can you fit on Pluto?

Yes, I'm not as big as Pluto

How big is xena?

as big as Pluto

Is Pluto big?

no Pluto is the smallest planet in the worl and Pluto is also the outer planet

Is the size of the moon the size of Pluto?

No its half as big as pluto.

How come Pluto is not planet?

because pluto is not big enough

Are there big storms on Pluto or anything else special about Pluto?

no it is not

What is the orbit of Pluto?


Is Pluto smaller than Texas?

No Pluto is almost as big as the 50 states with charon touching Pluto

Is Pluto or titan bigger?

Titan is more than twice as big as Pluto.

Is Pluto larger than Eris?

No, Eris is nearly twice as big as Pluto.

How big is Uranus compared to Pluto?

uranus is bigger than Pluto. Pluto is like a little marble compared to uranus.

Is Pluto a actual planet?

Pluto is classified as a big ball of gas now, so Pluto is not considered as a planet anymore.

Is Pluto larger that Eris?

Yes. Pluto is slightly larger than Eris.

How big is walters head?

too big and twice the size of Pluto.

How big is Pluto like length?

Pluto is a dwarf planet meaning it is a really small planet

How big is Charon compared to Pluto?

Charon is about half the diameter of Pluto. Charon's diameter is 1,206 km, whereas Pluto is 2,274 km.

Is Pluto a planet or a dog?

Pluto is not a planet, but it is a dog from Mickey Mouse. Pluto, is rather a dwarf planet, because it is not big enough to be a planet.

What does it look like on Pluto?

its relly big

How big is Sedna?

smaller then the moon and pluto.

How big is Pluto the planet?

2,280km in diameter

How big is Ceres compared to Pluto?


How small or big is Pluto from earth?

not far

What is bigger Pluto or US?

United states is bigger. If go to Google images type in Pluto and the united states compared Pluto is almost as big.

How big in diameter is Pluto?

The diameter of Pluto is 1,430 miles. Pluto was once thought to be a planet but is now classified as a dwarf planet and was discovered in 1930.