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How big is a 9 year old penis?


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On average, anywhere between 1-2 inches flaccid, and 2-4 erect.

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it depends with every different one. i Am a 17 year old male with a quite big penis about 9 inches and i love my penis and so do all the girls

Yes it is. Women will love it, but be careful not to hurt the woman.

You dont have an 8 inch so their's no need to worry.

Yes, i did i did to mine was 4 inches oh wow mine was smaller about 3inches now i have a 7inch penis and I'm 14 that counts without a boner

Im 15 and have a 9 inch penis, mines is classed relatively big for my age. But don't worry cos everyone gets a growth sourt

if your penis is realy 9 inchs you may need XL condoms and no it wont be to big for a girl because i had sex b4 and i have a 8.5 inch and in didnt hurt her i think you mean 9 cm not inches coz no 14 yr old has a 9 inch penis so you are prob slightly below average Retard, it's cm not inch whiteboi.

The size of a 9 year old boy's penis really shouldn't be an issue. There is no way of knowing what he will end up with and unless there are other signs of some hormone deficiency, he will get whatever he is supposed to.

No it isn't . Its big. You may have started puberty earlier around 9 or 10. But don;t worry.

I'm Zac. My dick is 9 inches and I'm 15... And a half lol I've been told my my penis is huge by a lot of girls so yea... Good for you.

that's freakin huge for any age! mine is 6 1/2 and im 14 and that's big for our age!

Im 18 and 5"10 and my penis is about 9 inches erect.hope that helps! Im 18 and 5"10 and my penis is about 9 inches erect.hope that helps!

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No. My 9 year old wears 121/2 to 13 in men's shoes!! That's big!! I am scared at what size he will wear when he is 12,

Ok, aren't you a little young to be worrying 'bout that kind of stuff? And yes that is normal.

totally. can i have a suck. i live in aussie. call me 61172569!

it mainly depends on how old the pony is and how big it is.(hieght wise)

at least 9 LEAST

yes anywhere between 6-9 inch's would be normal for you

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