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it depends on what kind of hamster you want to get. most hamsters will become about as long as a pocket comb. Teddy bear hamsters tend to get as big as one of those air conditioner remotes.

Beware, it doesn't matter how large the hamster is, if you can fit a pencil under the space, you can fit a hamster.


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It all depends on the breed of hamster. Usually rats tend to be bigger when fully grown than a fully grown hamster. And if its a dwarf hamster the rat is definitely bigger.

A winter white hamster will usually get around 3.5inches-4 inches when fully grown. The only other way a fully grown winter white could grow is in fattness.

There is no clear cut way to tell what age a hamster is, you can only generalize by the size your hamster is. A hamster is fully grown at 6 months of age, and any fully grown hamster in a pet store is usually not more then 1 year old, usually 6-8 months.

as big as a fully grown sea turtle!!

they weigh about 45 grams, fully grown

A fully grown panda's weight is 90 to 130 grams.

NO! you just shouldn't take a baby hamster outside not even a fully grown hamster should go outside.

As tall as a fully-grown man.

the can be up to a fully grown adults shoulder

it depends on the breed of horse

As tall as a fully-grown man.

It can weigh 500 pounds!

A fully grown teddy bear hamster is only a few inches long. Maybe 3-5 inches snout to tail.

they are about 30-45 feet when they are fully grown

When fully grown they can get to be two centimeters long

Your eye is fully grown when you are 13 years old.

By waiting till it's fully grown you numptys

I have seen a pig that weighs 800 pounds

about 1 feet, at least that's how big my AWESOME pug was fully grown PS my pug was a male i dunno if females are any different PPS if your wanting to get one they shed A LOT!!!

flying squirrels can get up to six inches when arms are fully extended and if it is a fully grown squirrel.

It depends if the hamster cage is large. If it is a regular cage, the rat might be too big to fit inside.

A robo hamster is a dwarf so they only grow to be like one inche long or maybe two inches

5-7 feet when fully grown

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