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How big is a kg?

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A kg (kilogram) is equal to about 2.2 pounds.

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How big is 1 kilogram?

This big 1 kg is approx 2.2 lbs1kg*2.2046 lbs1 kg=2.204622622lbs

How big is 7 Kg?

7 kg (kilograms) is 15.43 pounds.

How many kilograms is big show?

big show is 335 kg

How much does Will Smith bench press?

will maximums 175 kg in benchpress, big dude! will maximums 175 kg in benchpress, big dude!

How big is a watermelon?

9-15 kg

How big does a lynx get?

20-25 kg.

How big is Pluto's mass?

It is 1.26e22 kg

How many kg does a rhinoceros weigh?

A big animal has more than 1 000 kg.

Is a seal 5 kg?

Maybe a sickly newborn. A big domestic cat might be 5 kg.

How big is Alaska state bird?

2 kg

How big is a sea otter?

22 to 45 kg

How big is an elephant heart?

20 to 30 Kg

Is a big melon is 40 gram or 2 kg?

2 kg is a good estimate for the weight of a large melon.

What is something that is 5 kg?

5 bags of sugar. 2.5 big big bottles of cola.

How big is a whale's heart?

it weighs up to 600 kg

How big is Chogi?

He is 87.5 kg and 172.3 cm tall.

How big do standard schnauzers get?

20 inches and 22 kg

If a student has a mass of 90 kg what is the student?

Pretty big.

Which is a better buy 1 kg of small potatoes or 1 kg of big potatoes?

Both are the same. no, they are not the same,.. the skin peels of the small potatoes are more than the skin peels of the big potatoes, that's the difference. i will choose the 1 kg of big potatoes a better buy because in the 1 kg of small potatoes you can find more skin peels that adds with the weight of the potatoes. this means you get more potatoes from the big potatoes.

How big is a Kilogram?

1 litre of water weighs 1 Kg.1 kg = 2.20462 lb

How much does big daddy v weigh in kg?

485 pounds

How big in pounds is a 6.6 kg turkey?

6.6kg = 14.551 pounds.

How big is a 5 kg turkey?

5 kilograms is about 11 pounds.

Which is big kg or gram?

1 kilogram = 1000 grams.

How much can a mugger crocodile weigh?

A big male can weigh 1000 lbs (450 kg), a female 450 lbs (200 kg)