How big is a obsidian rocks?


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The size of an average sized head


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the size of the average human head

Obsidian is natural glass.

Obsidian is part of the Granite family of igneous rocks.

because an obsidian rock has low silica

Obsidian is black glass formed by volcanoes.

An obsidian rock is an extrusive igneous rock that forms when a volcano erupts and has no time to crystallize, so it has a glassy texture. Obsidian rocks are generally black in color.

Some incredibly sharp surgical instruments are made of obsidian.

obsidian rocks are red and black also sometimes orange

No. Pumice and obsidian are rocks composed mostly of glass.

Obsidian and coal are both rocks and they are formed by lava

Obsidian is formed from very rapidly cooling lava.

Obsidian is a fairly common and has little collector value. The only Obsidian that has a bit more value is Rainbow Obsidian. Which is still fairly common.

Obsidian: Its texture is glassy. Obsidian is extrusive or volcanic, because the instantaneous cooling that produces such rocks is a surface phenomenon. Obsidian is amorphous, so, unlike true rocks, it is not composed of minerals.

Obsidian rocks are found on the west coast near the pacific ocean by volcanoes because it is cooled lava called volcanic glass

Obsidian and Basalt are both Igneous rocks. They are made from hardened lava from volcanoes.

Obsidian does not react with acid. Igneous rocks in general rarely react with acid.

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You'll find obsidian by volcanoes where the magma cooled ultra-quickly.

Obsidian, Granite, and i believe slate

Basalt and obsidian are extrusive igneous rocks. Gabbro is an intrusive igneous rock.

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