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It can reach lengths up to 3 feet.

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Q: How big is a scorpion fish?
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How big can a scorpion fish get?

A fully-grown scorpion fish is 3 ft long and weighs 7 pounds.

How much does a scorpion fish weigh?

depends how big they are.

Why Is a scorpion fish called a scorpion fish?

because they have venom like the scorpion.

Are scorpion fish endangered?

if it is a scorpion i hope so

Could a scorpion fish kill a lionfish?

Yes. The scorpion fish can bite the lionfish to death. Even if the lionfish has poisonous spines, the scorpion fish will not get infected by it since it has a hard poisonous body.

What is the scientific name for a scorpion fish?

There are almost 390 different species of fish that are classed as "Scorpion Fish". They all come in to the "Scorpaenidae" family.

How big is a scorpion?

A scorpion can be as big as a adults hand. Trust me I saw one in Mexico

Where in America do scorpion fish live?

Scorpion fish are a family of fish consisting of ones such as the rock fish of Australia and the lion fish in Indonesia but as far as i know no scorpion fish live in North America either in fresh water or salt. If you do find one though they are some of the most lethal fish in the ocean and will easily kill a human so avoid playing with them.

What do scorpion fish eat?


What does a scorpion fish eats?


Are scorpion fish poisonous?

Yes they are poisonous.

What color is a scorpion fish?

it depends on spicies

Is a scorpion fish a vertebrate or invertebrate?


What prey does the Emperor Scorpion have?

The Emperor Scorpion eats mealworms,crickets,mantids,other scorpions,spiders(big & small),small birds,termites,wasps,occasionaly gold fish,dead insects,and beetle's.

Is a scorpion a fish?

No. Scorpions are arthropods and are not fish. There is a venomous fish that has been named Scorpionfish.

Does a female scorpion have a big foot?


Is the scorpion fish an exotic species?

suck it diptard

Where is the habitat of a scorpion fish?

at the bottom of the ocean in caves.

Do scorpion fish eat fish?

yes they do they eat small fish but they also eat crabs and snails. over all the favorite is fish.

What are the Red Lion-fish's predators?

The sharks, eels, scorpion fish, frogfish, the grouper, and Cornetfish.

How big is the biggest scorpion?

a scorpion can grow up to 7 1/4 inches (including the tail)

What to do if stung by a scorpion?

if the scorpion is huge it is ok if its little it is bad but you need to go to the doctor big or little

How poisonous are New Mexico scorpion stings?

if the scorpion was big then not so bad but if it was small then its very bad

Could a scorpion eat a rat?

I'm sure that it could be possible, it just depends on how big the scorpion is !

Can a scorpion kill a cat?

Well, i guess it really depends on witch type of cat and scorpion and how big they are!