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Q: How big is a whale sharks jaw?
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How big is a hammerhead sharks jaw?


Is a whale shark a hybrid species?

Whale Sharks are Sharks, but big as some whales.

What Animals have big lungs?

mammoths, sharks, leopord seals, whale sharks, blue whale, giraffe and your big blubber!

Do whale sharks bite?

no whale sharks do not bite.they may seem big and scary but people from all around the world swim with whale sharks.

Why is a whale shark not a shark?

Whale Sharks are Sharks. They' got the "whale" bit in their name because they're " big as whales".

How big are new born whale sharks?

A newborn whale shark, called a pup, can be as big as 2 feet when they are born. Whale sharks are born live and the mother whale shark can give birth to hundreds of pups at one time.

What is a whale sharks predator?

big boats

Why are whale sharks so big?

because they are

Do whale sharks have to surface?

Whale Sharks are Sharks "big as a whale". They Breathe with gills and don't have to Surface. They often do though, b/c they find a lot of food Close to the Surface.

Are whale sharks big?

yes they are about 41 feet.

How big are whale sharks teeth?

1.3 centimeters

What are whale sharks family?

In the whale sharks family there are other whale sharks and other sharks

What tiny food do big sharks eat?

Depends on what you mean by "big Sharks". Whale Sharks and basking Sharks eat plankton and Krill. The other "big Sharks" eat bigger stuff. fish, seals etc

Why are whale sharks dangerous to people?

Whale sharks are not generally dangerous to human beings; in fact, they are friendly and occasionally even give rides to divers. But whale Sharks are still big and strong animals. Like any big and strong animal they could do some damage if they decided to.

Do whale sharks eat killer whales?

No. Whale sharks are filter feeders. They don't have the teeth, the jaws or the throat to eat anything that big.

Do blue whale eat sharks?

No. They do not eat animals that big.

Are whale sharks fish or mammals?

They are Sharks, therefore a fish. Very, very big: Plankton eaters.

Is a whale shark a bird or a whale?

Whale Sharks are sharks

Do all sharks attack whale shark?

i don't know how many of these sort of questions i have answered but nothing attacks whale sharks there too big for anything to attack

Can sharks be as big as a bus?

Yes, a good example of that is the whale shark located on the east coast of Australlia of the pacific ocean. Unlike most sharks, the whale shark eats plankton and there is a cousin to the whale shark.

Are whales bigger than great white sharks?

The great whales are. (Blues, Finbacks, Sperm, Greys) There are smaller whales - Minkes, for example - and a great white might be as big or bigger that one of them. Incidentally, great whites are NOT the biggest sharks. Basking sharks and the appropriately named whale sharks are bigger still. Even the biggest whale shark isn't as big as the biggest whale, though.

Why are whale shark called whale shark?

whale sharks are called whale sharks because of their size and their behavior because they aren't as aggressive as sharks.

How does the whale shark protect itself?

Well pretty much its size whale sharks are just too big to attack

How do whale sharks hear?

Whale sharks do not have ears for hearing. The whale sharks uses its senses to feel vibrations in the water.

Do sharks have jaw bones?

Sharks do lack real bones except for in there jaw. Without jaw bones sharks would not be able to survive because they would not be able to eat.