How big is an igloo?

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Well considering hoe big YOU are...... I think it is about the size of a playhouse for kids or a car.

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Q: How big is an igloo?
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How big is a igloo?

big enough for people to fit in it.

How big is the worlds biggest igloo?


How do you unlock a big igloo?

you have to become a member and then buy any type of igloo you like! there is no other way.

How do you get your igloo on featured igloo of the week in club penguin?

These explain how!!! Note: emailing might work too.========================================================================= Well once i went to a big party on it and the next week that igloo was igloo of the weekthe igloo had lots of cool stuff as well:)

How do you get a big igloo on club penguin?

buy it for about 5500 coins

What happens to dead penguins?

they go to the big igloo in the sky:)

What is 'igloo' in Italian?


How do you have a party in club penguin?

If you are a member can decorate your igloo . When your done go into the town . If you have standard chat type in something like : "party at my igloo or big party at my igloo . " if you have ultimate safe chat you can go to friends ,follow me , come to my igloo or party at my place .This will allow you to invite other penguins to your igloo .make sure you unlock your igloo it will me on the map . You can waddle around the entire island inviting penguins from everywhere . Maybe someday you will even be in the feautured igloo of the week on the whats new part of the club penguinsite .

What is an igloo for?

An igloo is for shelter

How big is the build a bear snowy igloo?

Well it is big ish and it has a bed made of ice and a sofa made of ice as well.

Where can you find igloo catalog on club penguin?

In your igloo, click the edit your igloo button, and their is a catalog for your igloo at the bottom right

How many people lived in a igloo?

Depends how big they build it, could be for 5-6 people.

How do you say igloo in french?


Is an igloo a small home large home or native home?

An igloo is a small home because it is not big and even though ice is natural it's not supposed to be built up in perfect blocks.

Where is Aunt Arctic's igloo?

Aunt Arctic's igloo is hidden as a regular igloo of a penguin.

How do you save your igloo on Clubpenguin?

You Press "Edit igloo" Then click "View items" And Finnally click the igloo picture! That how you save your igloo On Clubpenguin!

How do you get rockhoppers ship igloo?

To get to his igloo you have to click on a member penguin with their igloo opened and click on rockhopper until his igloo is opened you got to do it fast

What actually an igloo is?

Igloo is the house for Eskimos.

How do you get to your igloo in Club Penguin?

to get to your igloo on club penguin you click on the picture that looks like a igloo

How do you buy an igloo in Club Penguin?

Go to your igloo and click edit in the bottom right corner. Select the igloo you want to edit. There will be two catalogs--furniture and igloo upgrade. Click on the igloo upgrade one and buy whichever igloo(s) you want.

Why does an igloo stay warm?

An igloo stay warm because the camp fire that is inside of the igloo that is why the top of the igloo has a hole in the top because of the camp fire

Where is the bamboo igloo in Club Penguin?

You can only get the bamboo hut igloo when it is available in the igloo upgrade catalog.

What is outside the igloo?

The out side of the igloo is snow or ice. .

Where do you get parts for Igloo wine coolers?

from the basic igloo

What is igloo in plural form?

The plural of igloo is igloos.