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How big is bigfoots head?

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problably as big as is foot becuz he has big feet

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How big is bigfoots hands?

Bigger than your hands

How big is bigfoots foot?

the big foots foot ranges from 14 to 18 inches

Where can you find Bigfoots near the San Andreas Fault?

Big Foot is said to wonder in the Northwestern states of the US and Canada. Meh, I guess I was wrong, and Bigfoots aren't real.

Why are there bigfoots?

The existence of "Bigfoot" is not scientifically proven - therefore there are no bigfoots.

How tall can bigfoots get?

There have been sightings in Alaska of 12 foot bigfoots.

When will bigfoot eat you?

There are no documented sightings of bigfoots eating people, but bigfoots can eat you.

How big is a bigfoots feet?

I think the average is 14" to 24" but I think there have been some recorded that are much bigger.

Have there been big foot sightings in Nevada?

visit the related links box below to view the Nevada bigfoots sightings.

Big foot real or not?

I don't think so but that's just my opinion as I (for some reason) think Bigfoots scary.

Where are bigfoots found?

they live in the mountins

Where is bigfoots home?

I the forests of the U.S and Russia.

Can you be bigfoots?

if bigfoot takes you to his home then yes.

Does Peyton Manning have a big head?

Yeah, he has a big head.

How big is a snakes head?

It depends on the size of the snake. If the snake is small, the head will be small. If the snake is big, the head will be big.

What is bigfoots predators?

That would be homo sapiens, MAN.

Who is bigfoots enimes?

Leprechauns that practice foot binding

Why are ostrich's endangered?

they get eaten by dragons and bigfoots as beleived

Is big foot rile?

Not really, but the number of persons who have seen the creatures is something to think about. In the program "In search of bigfoots" you will be amazed by the number of people giving their experience with the creature.

Does sam have a big head?

Yes of course he has a big head its huge.

Why is dib's head big?

They draw his head big because he is smart

Is there realy a bigfoot?

Although there are many sightings of bigfoot, scientists still hasn't found out about bigfoots yet, so there are no bigfoots.There is no valid scientific evidence to suggest that bigfoot exists.

Who is the guy with a big head in drake and josh?

josh has a big head everyone always comments on his head

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