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As big as a mans penis

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Q: How big is human heart?
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How big is the human heart?

The human heart is about the size of your cliched fist. But the human heart can be as big to accommodate the whole universe, when you love the creation of God.

How big is a human heart?

as big as your fist

How big is size of a human heart?

The size of every human's heart is equal to a FIST.....

What is the average size of the human heart?

The average size of the human heart is as big as your fist.

How big is a lion's heart?

show picture of human heart and compare with a lions heartsas big as yours

How big is an amphibians heart?

bigger than a human

What is the difference between and human heart and fish heart?

One is big and one is small + one is human and one is fish. For real, the fish has a 2 chambered heart, as a human has a 4 chambered heart. The fish has a conus which a human does not have.

How big can a pig's heart get?

There is no real size measurement for how big a pig's heart will get. However, they tend to be roughly the same size of a human's.

What is the big part in human body?

Human body big part first is Heart .. second is Eye .... I'm OK or not I don't know

A Bird has an appendage much like a human however the bird has fewer digits than a human How many digits does a bird have on the end of it's wrist?

how big is the heart of an bird how big is the heart of an bird

How do you build a model of the human heart out of candy?

You take a big piece of candy, and you chip away all the parts that don't look like a human heart.

Is the human heart considered a muscle or organ?

The human heart can be considered either a muscle or an organ depending on what you are studying or what field of work you research for. i watched this recently on the health and fitness channel, the heart is a big muscle.

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