How big is state farm insurance?

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State Farm Insurance, which has offices in the United States and Canada, has approximately 17,700 agents agents and 343 claim offices. They also have 30 operations centers throughout North America.

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Q: How big is state farm insurance?
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What is the motto of State Farm Insurance?

State Farm Insurance's motto is 'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.'.

When was State Farm Insurance created?

State Farm Insurance was created in 1922.

What is the population of State Farm Insurance?

State Farm Insurance's population is 66,000.

Does State Farm offer collision insurance?

State Farm does offer collision insurance to customers. State Farm requires a deductible for this type of insurance.

When was state farm insurance started?

State Farm insurance was founded in 1922 by George J. Mecherle. State Farm insurance is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

Does State Farm Insurance Company offer business insurance?

"Yes, State Farm Insurance Company does offer business insurance. However, it is believed that State Farm is best for car insurance. Nevertheless, call an agent today."

What products are offered by State Farm Home Insurance?

There are many types of insurance provide by state farm agent like Home & Property, Homeowners Insurance, Condo Insurance, Renters Insurance, Manufactured Home Insurance, Farm or Ranch Insurance, Rental Property Insurance, Personal Articles Insurance.

When was State Farm Insurance founded?

The State Farm Insurance was founded in 1922. The corporate's headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois. The State farm insurance is ranked 44th in the 2013 Fortune 500.

Who is the State Farm insurance TV spokesman?

Chris Neal is the State Farm Insurance TV spokesman. State Farm offers car, home, and life insurance plus credit cards.

How much is state farm non owner insurance?

State Farm does not offer non owners auto insurance

What types of policies are offered by State Farm Insurance?

State Farm offers various policies. They offer life insurance, home insurance and auto insurance.

What type of insurance does state farm offer?

State Farm Insurance often advertises that it offers automobile insurance. This is primarily the type of insurance that the company is in the business of selling.

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