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How big is the River Thames in London?

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The River Thames is 215 miles long.

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What the name of the big river in London?

River Thames.

Whats the name of the big river in London?

The Thames.

Is the thames river in London?

The River Thames flows through London.

What river are you travelling on if you are near the Tower of London and Big Ben?

The River Thames.

What river is the British capital situated on?

London is situated on the River Thames (pronounced 'temz'.

Where can Big Ben be found?

In Central London on the banks of the river Thames.

Were are the houses of Parliament?

they are in London by big ben and also by the river thames

Is the Thames the biggest river in London?

The Thames is the only river that flows through central London.

How many miles is the river thames to London?

The River Thames flows through central London.

Facts and figures of the river thames?

the river is thames is the the longest river in london

Where is the thames in London?

The River Thames runs through central London and passes Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Greenwich among other places.

Where is the river thames found?

The River Thames is found in London, England

What river runs through London?

The River Thames.the thames =D

What country is thames in?

The river Thames is England, and is the river that London is built on.

Where is the river Niles and where is the river Thames?

The Nile Is In Egypt and the Thames is in London

Is the London eye in east London?

No. The London Eye is in central London - on the south bank of the River Thames and opposite Big Ben.

What river does London lie on?

London lies on the Thames River.

What river is London located?

London is located on Thames River.

What is the absolute location of the big eye of London?

The London Eye is on the south bank of the river Thames and nearly opposite Big Ben.

Where is the Thames river in Europe?

The Thames river flows through London, England.

Where is the thames river located on a map?

Find London on the map and you will see that the river Thames runs through London.

How many miles is London from the Thames river?

The River Thames runs through London on its way to the North Sea.

London is on the river severn?

The River Thames is the river that flows through London

What rivers are there in London?

There is the river Nile and the river Thames but there is more river in London.

Biggest river in London?

The River Thames.