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How big is the polar bears brain?

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Just slightly smaller than its cranium.

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How big is a polar bear brain?

the polar bears brain is big as an apple

Why are polar bears big?

polar bears are big to keep them up when they are in the water.

How did polar bears feet get so big?

actually polar bears feet were always big and polar bears were just naturally born like that its part of nature

Why are polar bears so big?

polar bears are so big because they eat seals which are full of blubber

What do brown bears and polar bears have in common?

brown bears and polar bears big are both big and fat they both love fish that com from ponds or oceans.

Are polar bears likkle?

If you mean, are polar bears small then no; there not really.=Polar bears can get really qiute large! Even the baby's are rather big.=

How big are some polar bears?

Some polar bears are 1600 pounds and square close to eleven feet.

How have humans impacted the polar bears?

they impact polar bears by using fossil fuels, killing polar bears and getting their fur, and cutting down trees. this all leads to carbon dioxide which leads to global warming, which melts the ice and drowns polar bears.Humans have a big impact on polar bears. Humans kill polar bears and harvest their food which decreases the amount of food polar bears have.

Which is bigger a polar bear or grizzly bear?

First, the grizzly is a North American race of the brown bear, found in inland areas. This race does not on average get as big as polar bears. But the larger coastal brown bears do get as big as polar bears.

What Causes Polar Bears To Decrease?

A big factor is global warming. Also some people hunt polar bears.

How much does a polar bear's brain weigh?

The average weight of a polar bears brain is 498 grams. The human brain weighs between 1,300 and 1,400 grams.

What is the difference between the polar bears and African elephants?

the polar bears lives in the cold places but elephant no. elephant have a trunk and big ears but bears don't.

Where is a big cold state that bears live in?

Alaska. Alaska has brown bears, black bears, even polar bears.

Why do polar bears have big ears?

Polar bears hunt seals. If they can hear seals barking, that helps them to track down their prey.The better to hear you with...

Why do polar bears have a big nose?

Black noses help polar bears adapt to their environment because black absorbs heat. A polar bear has a big nose so it can smell prey miles away.

What size is a polar bear?

a polar bears size can be big small or even mediam size a polar bears size can be big small or even mediam size a polar bears size can be big small or even mediam sizeLarge males weigh from 950 to 1200 pounds, and can be ten feet long. Females are about two thirds as big as the males.

A good sentence for population?

There is not a big population of polar bears.

Is a Kodiak bear as big as a polar bear?

Kodiak bears are the largest subspecies of brown bear. They equal polar bears in size. These two bears are the largest members of Carnivora.

How big are a polar bear's teeth?

average polar bears teeth=30-40 millimeters

Can polar bears hide from predators?

Nothing in the wild is big enough to eat a polar bear.

Where are polar bodies found?

on a polar bears arssseee on a polar bears arssseee on a polar bears arssseee

What will happen to polar bears?

Polar bears are big hairy mammals with white hair. Polar bears could one day be extinct. But that's just human nature and global warming so have sex with a polar bear to save there population jk.

To what are polar bears related?

polar bears are related to bears.

How big is a polar bear's mouth?

A polar bears moth is double the size of an average humans mouth

Who saves polar bears?

Polar bears do.

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