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In terms of volume, the sun is about 8,654,000 times the size of Mars.

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Is mars very big?

Mars is 6,786 Km. in diameter. Big is a relative term. It is big compared to its moons but small compared to the sun

What is the size of mars compared to the sun?

Compared to the sun, it is small.

How big is mars compared to the sun?

In terms of volume the sun is 8,654,000 times the size of mars which means that you can fit exactly 208 into the sun's diameter.

How big is earth compared to Mars?

Mars is way much smaller than earth.Because of that is cuz the earth is closer to the sun so it grows more than mars does!!!

How far is mars from the sun compared to earth?

Mars is 1.57 times the distance Earth is from the Sun.

How big is mars compared to other planets?

mars is the 7th largest planet.

How large is Mars compared to the sun?

The Sun is 208 times larger than Mars. So 8,998,912 (almost 9 million) Mars would fit inside the Sun.

How big is Betelgeuse compared from the sun?

It ia 250 times as big as the sun

What is bigger the sun or the stars?

Our sun is a star, but not very big when compared to bigger ones, but very big when compared to smaller ones and to the Earth.

Which is larger the moon or the sun?

The sun is larger. the earth is big compared to the moon and the earth is small compared to the sun. can you see the logic?

How big is a red giant compared to your sun?

a red giant compared to our sun is about 10-100 times bigger.

What is the nearest star to mars?

It is the Sun. It is very big

Is mars cold in day time?

Compared to Earth, Mars is colder at day and night because of its greater distance from the sun.

How big is the sun compared with the star Sirius?

Sirius is about twice the size of our sun.

Is the earth big or very big?

The earth is "very big" compared to Mercury or Mars, but the earth is only "big" compared to Saturn or Jupiter. It really depends how you wan to look at it, optimistically or pessimistically.

How long does it take for Mars to orbit the sun compared to Earth?

It takes Earth about 365 Earth days to orbit the sun. It takes Mars about 687 Earth days to orbit the sun. This means it takes Mars about 1.88 times longer to orbit the sun than Earth.

Does being big affects living in mars?

No, not particularly, because the gravity on mars compared with earth is 38%, which isn't much.

How big is mars compared to the earth?

Mars is approximately half the size of Earth. The diameter of Mars at the equator is 6,800 kilometers, which is 53 percent of the diameter of Earth.

What is unusual about the sun compared to other stars?

Because it has planets orbiting it (such as Earth, Jupiter and Mars)

Why does it take mars twice as long as earth to orbit the sun?

Because Mars is significantly further away from the sun, compared to the Earth; meaning that the distance it must travel is proportionately further also.

How long does it take Mars to revolve around the sun compared to earth?

Mars period of revoultion around the sun, its orbit, is 686.971 Earth days long. Earth takes 365.25 days.

Is the sun a big star?

yes the sun is a star but compared to other stars its medium in size.

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