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How big is the tiger?

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Tiger sizes

The tiger have not an average size, at species level, because their

body change according with they habitat.

In the case of the male tiger, their maximum sizes are:

A. Present subspecies:

*Amur (East Russia): up to 335 cm and 325 kg.

*Bengal: 310 cm and 272 kg.

*Indochinese: 285 cm and 195 kg.

*South Chinese: 265 cm and 175 kg.

*Sumatran (and maybe Malayan): 255 cm and 140 kg.

B. Extinct subspecies:

*Caspian (West Russia): 295 cm and 240 kg.

*Javan: 248 cm and 141 kg.

*Bali: 230 cm and 100 kg.

Females are about three fourths the size of the male.

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